capsaicin Capsaicin eliquid a vape for a chilli head. Info needed!

Hi i want to make some eliquid vor my ecig.
I want to make it spicy but not to spicy.
I want to use a 6.4million shu extract.
Here are my questions:
Is it safe to inhale capsaicin.
How much eliquid do i need for 1 drop of capsaicin extract?
Does capsaicin disolve in PG or VG?

Btw im new here.
I orderd a bag of dried carolina reapers as a challange for me and some friend
I really love them peppers are great whit every thing.
Even coffee tastes good whit some peppers in it.

Im sorry for my english i know it sucks.
"If inhaled, capsaicin stimulates bronchopulmonary nociceptive C-fibers which can provoke apnea (temporary cessation of respiration), rapid shallow breathing, mucus secretion, bronchoconstriction (constriction of the smooth muscle of the airways in the lungs), and cough. In the most extreme cases, death by asphyxia3 (lack of oxygen) has occurred.
In addition to chemical irritation of the respiratory system from capsaicin, particulate chili pepper products can physically irritate this system. Chili powder, like many particulates, can irritate and overwhelm our respiratory system. Inhalation of ground chilies can cause coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose, but the problem with particulates in our nose, trachea, bronchi, and lungs goes beyond coughing, sneezing, and running nose. Inhalation of particulates can physically block airways and lead to death by asphyxia3 (lack of oxygen). Their ability to mechanically obstruct airways adds to any type of physiological effect they might have. Particulates can cause asphyxia deaths by chemically or physically effecting respiration — or by doing both." 
Feel free to vape peppers if you wish to die a painful death. 
Austin87 i've been pepperspayd whit police grade pepperspay i know how it feels.
I still want to try it so can i get some info please
I hesitate to reply because if/when this kills you I don't want to be the one your family sues.

I wouldn't do this at all. I wouldn't watch you do it if you made a video. It's one of the most awful things I can think of someone doing with hot pepper extract. Do not try it!

The tinier the amount the better. Maybe run a pin (sewing needle) through the extract, wipe it off and then stir the vape liquid?

This is not something we as a community would have any information knowledge or experience with because you are basically coming close to a suicide attempt.

If you like your lungs and don't want to die of cancer, apnea (lungs stop working), or C.O.P.D. Then DONT DO IT.
As a test - you have another equally sensitive area you can apply some extract too so that you have an idea of what your in for.

Rub some of that extract on your testicles. If you can take it - then put it in your lungs at your own risk. If not then don't put it in your lungs.

I've had carolina reaper powder on my balls before.
I've snorted a trinidag moruga scorpion.
And i've been peppersprayd i know how it feels.
Benzoboss said:
I've had carolina reaper powder on my balls before.
I've snorted a trinidag moruga scorpion.
And i've been peppersprayd i know how it feels.
Benzoboss said:
Im a idiot i will try this even if i would die.
I dont gife a f**k about life any more.
I don't think anyone here will help you with your quest.

At least I hope not.

And for the record, THP and it's members do not endorse bad or careless ideas. If someone here helps you and bad shit happens to you, it's squarely on you.

Please get help bro. You can make friends here!
I mean I guess as far as the question "is inhaling capsaicin safe?" pepper spray is generally considered non-lethal. That said, the idea of doing that is pretty strongly advised against here...
I would not recommend it and hope you decide it's not in your best interest.