capsaicin Capsaicin eliquid a vape for a chilli head. Info needed!

Hotrod64 said:
Hey Benzoboss, your head is all messed up from too many Benzo's, those pills will phuk you up every time ! You need to Bin those demon pills and clear your head mate. Then come back and be a part of a great community.
Good luck my friend, I wish you well.
Burning capsaicin is not what you think.

When you eat capsaicin, it makes contact with taste buds and pain receptors as a liquid and you "feel" the "spiciness".

When you vape it it's basically a burning chemical that has changed from liquid to a carcinogen. You will not feel the spiciness in a smoke form. You might as well set a tire on fire and breathe the smoke.

It's kind of like saying you love spaghetti sauce, so setting it on fire and breathing the fumes must be even better. Nope.

More concerning to me is your diagnosis of true, medical psychiatric conditions mixed with self destructive desires.
moruga welder said:
can you actually vape hash oil inside a vape pen though?
the eliquid i have is super super runny... where as (IVE HEARD), hash oil is super thick like cold molasses. do you cut the hash oil with something?
don't know what happened to my reply ?  but my answer was , was never that cheap ( to cut hash oil ) lol  
Scoville DeVille said:
I don't think anyone here will help you with your quest.

At least I hope not.

And for the record, THP and it's members do not endorse bad or careless ideas. If someone here helps you and bad shit happens to you, it's squarely on you.

Please get help bro. You can make friends here!
For all new members. When ^ tells you it's a bad idea, you really shouldn't do it.
Benzoboss said:
Austin87 i've been pepperspayd whit police grade pepperspay i know how it feels.
I still want to try it so can i get some info please
To get back to your question - this isn't the type of thing that we would have knowledge of. It's dangerous. The basics of chemistry and calculating PPM and or SHU by adding a known strength to a solute are not that difficult, though I'm not familiar enough to help you.

You can also get a pan of oil shimmering hot and throw some fresh chiles into the oil. The capsaicin will vaporize. Inhaling will give you an idea of what vaping peppers might be like. I can tell you I did this by accident and it was not pleasant. Then I made fried rice. That was pleasant :)

I also put hot fresh chiles (blackened over a charcoal grill) into the blender. When I opened the lid, my girlfriend across the house started coughing and choking. I nearly died - it was not fun. But that's still about the same as vaping chiles, though the quantity will not be known.
Do not vape capsaicin in any form. Drink it, rub it, snort it... but do not light it on fire. If you want to breath capsaicin, put some superhots in a tea pot and breath the steam.

Extracts are oil based. No idea how that would work in a vape but i am guessing it would be along the lines of the flaming tire Scoville Deville mentioned.
back when i made oleoresin extract...and when my water heater was set too high, i once rinsed a powder scoop contaminated with oleoresin under scalding water, it was intensely unpleasant.

for what ever reason capsaicin oleoresin is very volatile. i always assumed pepper spray and shit effected you via the aersolized particles, but apparently not.