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Cayennemist's Glog 2012... THE PODS ARE COMING!

Hey guys,
I just started growing chilies, and I love it!I been growing veggies for a few years, but I wanted to up the ante.
So I picked up a Hab at the Local Armstrong Nursery a few weeks ago (Mid April 2012).When I got home,
I decided to look in to it further and find out what else is :hot:

Here is my *Out Dated List, will be Updated soon*

Brain Strain -never germinated
Brown Devil's Tongue
Dorset Naga
Bombay Morich
B.B. Dauglah
Choc Hab
Choc x Red Hab
Orange Hab -seeds from store bought pod 20+ seedlings for experimentation.
White 7 pod - dead
Butch T
T. Scorp Red
Choc. Bhut x Yellow 7
Yellow Bhut -never germinated
Red Bhut -never germinated

Less Hots:
Numex H. 6-4 -Growing loads and giving away to family
Goat -never germinated, but I got more seeds
Billy Goat - 100% Germination, Dr. Cres has good seeds
Jalapeno -8+ plants for experimentation purposes.
Chile Verde
NuMex #6
Shisito -never germed
H. Yellow Wax
Mexican Banana
Wiri Wiri
Black Pearl
Black Prince
Explosice Ember
LG Cherry
Red Bell
Green Bell
Rainbow Bell
Cal Wonder Bell
"sweet peppers" -HomeDepot

After a few YouTube vids I discovered Bhuts, then dug deeper and found a plethora of varieties I had never herd of. About mid April 2012, I Joined THP to get some info, when I was BOMBARDED with Hospitality. I was given seeds and even a few seedlings.

Thanks to:

Dr. Cres

I now have somewhere around 20-30 Strains in all stages.

I have a nice little home made 100$ greenhouse that is already the home of a bunch of Veggies. Why not some Peppers?

Well enough ranting, here's SOME of what I got crackn'

Purple Bhut

The Bonsai Black Pearl... Bom Bom Bommmmm!

The Choc. Bhut x Yellow 7 pot

The Fatalii

The Cayenne! Pruned the Praxxus55712 way http://www.youtube.c...er/Praxxus55712


If you see anything wrong please let me know. As you can tell I dont have a lot to show off. This Glog is more so I can get help and learn
Well you hit the ground running!You'll love that Purple Bhut-really cool plant...but watch out for the Douglah!
Aight man! No pressure...I'm watching! Looking good

Glad you started a glog...the 7 pod/pot thing is a constant debate. It should be pot...as one pepper is enough to season 7 pots of chili.(or whatever you're trying to spice up)

Hope you get them all to pop...I have a bunch more varieties if you decide you may wanna try something else. As for the Bonchi, let them grow as big as they can for the season in a good sized pot. Maybe a 1 gallon, trim and shape along the way, but let them grow to get a nice sized stem before going into the small pot for the overwinter in a window full on bonchi style.

This plant is about 5 months old...need to pot it up for the summer now then I will put it in a true bosai pot for the winter.

Here is another of the same type plant in the same size pot.

Good luck with your grow brother!

What is with the lucky frog? every one has a frog. Dammit I want a frog to. most of the gardens I see on YouTube have them as well.

I'ma tell my wife that I want a frog, maybe she'll get me one.
What is with the lucky frog? every one has a frog. Dammit I want a frog to. most of the gardens I see on YouTube have them as well.

I'ma tell my wife that I want a frog, maybe she'll get me one.
Long story short...mother in law was into gardening, but when they retired they became full time RVers so now we have all their crap. Hence the frogs. They're a nice touch, and they were free. Not really a "froggy" guy, but keeping things pretty keeps momma happy...which in turn keeps her off my back about all the peppers.
The T.R. Scorps are breaking soil and should be upright in the morning!

Other seeds have poped:
Dorset Naga 4/27
Butch T 4/27
Manzano 4/27
White 7 pot 4/28 :party: 1 out of my 3!
Devils Tongue Brown 4/28

Also bamaboy1975
Is sending me some Goats! Im excited about this strain, I like the way they look and I hear they have a good flavor. THANKS!!

Seedling Progress Report:

All are out of Dixie cups and in to 1Gal. Pots

Fatalii - Looking like a Champ after I gave it a little Cal
purple Bhut - starting its 4th set of leaves
Choc Bhut x Yellow 7 - All post sunburn growth is out standing!
Black Pearl - looks great
OK Time for Round 2!

These are the new seedlings.

Red T. Scorp x2
Butch T x2
White 7 Pot x2
Dorset Naga x2
Jalapeno x1

Thought this was cool... A Triple leaf Red Trinidad Scorpion

A nice little hearty Jalapeno

These are about 2 weeks old, from dry seed to what you see in the pictures. I Germinate them in plastic containers wrapped in a wet paper towel.
Takes about 3-7 days for the seeds to pop. I then put the rooting seeds in to Sphagnum Peat Moss mixed with compost.
Then the babbies are put in to the incubator for about 2 days. After the 2 days, I pull them out to start up on some fresh air and a Solo cup.

I started using Rubber Mini Muffin trays to hold them while in the incubator. This allows me to pop out each plant individually, preventing the other seedlings from being disturbed.

As for lighting, I am using 4x 26w (100w eq) 6500k
One 26w (100w eq) 3500k
and a single, yet GIGANTIC, 68w (300w eq) 2700k

For a Total of 198watts and estimated 10,000+ lumens
During the day I pull the potted ones out for some good old sun.


Looks like things are going well... that Fatali is beautiful!

Sweet and savory mixture is on it's way! :dance:

Through the night my seedlings got white powdery mildew. :tear:
My White 7s are GONE, and so are 2 ButchT's. I had no idea a fungus could kill them like that in just 1 night.

I hit them with 3% H202 mixed with tap water and that killed the mold, but burnt the infected areas to a crisp.

So now I got better Air moving through, as well as a new respect for cleanliness. All the other seedlings are still alive, but hanging on by a thread. I haven't seen but 1 small spot of mildew on the soil since. The next set of leaves has come in on the Scorps and they are looking good.

So the last few days were a little depressing, until today...
"Sweet and savory mixture" is Here!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:


Just checked out your log. awesome list! You Socalers always have awesome grow lists and so much time to start seeds! Its nice i guess when you have such a log grow season! Suchs about the fungus! bt if your gonna start those other seeds i guess you can restart some of the others as well :)