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I'm waiting for my new Fresh Roast SR800 with extention tube to show up today from Burman Coffee. Picks of some roasts to follow. I've been roasting on my Behmor 1600 plus but I cannot get the right light city roast city I'm looking for that makes the coffee shine with my Ethiopian natural coffees.


The Hot Pepper

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Hot Air Popper
Best roaster lol, only disadvantage is 95gram max. Can control the exact roast.
And allot cheaper :)
True I still own 4 vintage popcorn poppers and just roasted on 2 of them today. None of my poppers are modified and I have 2 that I use together for an amazing 1/2 cup roast. I use a West Bend Poppery 2 for the first 6-8 minutes then transfer it to my other popper that gets hotter right before 1st crack through first crack for the last part of the roast. So I can get anywhere in the 8-12 minute range for a city city plus depending how long I want to have the browning stage in the poppery 2 to last.
Mine is 1250W and on average it takes 4-5min based on my house power, (previous place took about 6min).
Im on my second one (spare), the first one burnt out after 8 or so years a few months ago. Both from garage sales $5 lol.
Happy Roasting :)
I'm finally able to get the roast profiles I've been trying to achieve over the past few years. Between the SR800 and Behmor 1600 I can get the results I have been chasing after all these years. I just roasted in my new SR800 last night 2 different beans and they both came out amazing with fruit forward notes I have been looking for all of this time. 4 minutes in the drying phase(beans turning from green to yellow) and 4 minutes in the browning phase(from yellow to 1st crack) and 1:30-2 minutes in the development stage after 1st crack.

I finally figured out how to ramp up my roast going into first crack and extending first crack so it doesn't go immediately into 2nd crack.
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