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Happy Beans, Kona.
I have the freshroast SR500 but I find it roasts to fast for me so I bought the Nesco coffee roaster which takes 15 minutes to city roast instead of 5-6 minutes on the SR500. The Nesco also has an agitator besides the heat to mix the beans so they do not scorch at the beginning of the roast unlike the sr500. The coffee is tasting much better as it takes more time to develop. If I'm not 100 % satisfied with this roaster over the next 2 months I'm biting the bullet and buying the Behmor 1600 Plus. 
I'm roasting my best coffee ever now and its as good if not better than the best roasting houses I've tried such as Temple. The Behmor 1600 plus is no joke and takes your coffee to the next level. All those nuances that are described on your green coffee come alive roasting in the behmor. 
It all roasts down to timing, if its too much or too little no mater what device one uses it wont taste good. Getting the right color is essential and then it changes from bean to bean type.
Grind and soak level is another essential part for a good brew, if a behmor can do that then awesome :)
The saddest part of drinking an awesome cup of coffee.


Brew profile might seem involved but I do it so often and have my burr grinder dialed in for perfect pour time for these beans. A good scale and repetition means I can and usually do this half asleep.

Planet Bean - Ethiopian Sidamo med roast.

Hario V60 pour over

1.5:1 ratio bloom discarded
~12:1 continuous pour brew 205f
+1 hot water post brew
+1 18 % cream
I pretty much ignore any blueberry tasting note references in things like coffee or wine because I have never picked up on them. So the first sip of this was a complete shock and the first words blurted out afterwards were, "Holy Shit, BLUEBERRIES!"

Slightly too acidic to be a regular drinker for me but I am very happy to have actually tried one that lived up to the blueberry claim.

Did a video yesterday of roasting coffee, hadnt done that before so I thought it would be nice to see the whole process :)
Ashen said:
Hario V60 pour over
Just picked one up for $15 on facebook. I plan using it for coffee and tea. Can you recommend a thermostat that works good with this?


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