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Grass Snake

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dragonsfire said:
thermostat ??
Some kettles have a built-in thermostat in the lid, which is useful, especially with teas that need to be brewed at much lower temps to get the best results. Also I read using water that's too hot can bring out bad flavors in coffee. A thermostat just sounds like a good idea.


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When I talk about a hario v60, I am talking about the glass or ceramic cone you put the paper filter and grounds in not the kettle.

I use a 1L electric kettle and bring to boil.

Water boils at 212 f normally, but 210 at my elevation.

I check with an instant read thermometer after about 1.5 to 2 mins off the boil, until it reads 205 f. By the time I am done with bloom and pour over it is about 195.

There are some kettles you can set temperature and maintain it but they are more expensive than I want to pay.

A little experimentation with an induction element and that manual kettle and it will hold proper temp all day. My local coffee shop ran that set up for years before they invested in some high end variable temp electric ones.
Got new Burr grinder, nice Bodum.


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Sweet. Did you ever pick up the blueberry flavour from those beans you ordered?

How much was the bodum btw? When my cheapass burr grinder dies I want to step up my coffee game with a better grinder.
$65, but their on sale at the Bodum site for $45, trying to get a price match. Grinder is great, uniform, not noise, and no static cling like most Ive seen and had, just a touch.
Thats the Harrar, have not noticed it yet, second time roasting, see how it tastes this time, see in a day.\
Came across this "Keto Coffee" info on youtube and thought I would try it.
Tasted real good, 1 tbsp each or Organic Butter and Coconut oil and blitzed. Strictly regular breakfast replacement experiment, see how long it lasts. Costa Rica Coffee.

I was lucky to pick up another Breville grinder that has a Turkish setting on it. I will need to read up on on this but does anyone have insight on Turkish grinds? I am hesitant to run that fine of a grind on my espresso machine, is there some special machine that you need? Cheers!


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Voodoo 6 said:
Most excellent Dragon! Thank You for posting it. I do believe I will be hunting for an Ibrik next.  Cheers!

I think you need the hot sand too, for that awesomeness factor. ‚ėē