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Today I tried my first curry ever and it was so good! It was extra hot green curry from a Thai restraint. The heat was ok.(I put super hot powder on everything, so tolerance is higher than an average joe) What curry's do you eat? Which curry should I try next?
filmost said:
Pakistani style Keema Curry is my favorite!
What kind of ground meat do you make it from? My favorite is Lamb, but I have to make it when my wife's not around because she doesn't like the smell of it cooking.
I have never made it. It was my go to dish at this little Pakistani curry shop near one of the schools I taught at as an English teacher. I think the Pakistani version is always Lamb. Other places I have gone to, it has always been made with chicken.
The flavor and heat of Pakistani vs other version is way different too.
Sm1nts2escape said:
I thought curry was a mixture of spices? Just trying to learn here.
My understanding of it is that a spice mix (at least in India) is a Masala, and curry is a cooking style with lots of spices, and may or may not have lots of gravy in the finished dish.
Bootsieb said:
I like southern and Northern regions- similar to African, too. Dry up North with dried fruits like Ethiopian, Sudanese or Moroccan. Down South banana,  peanuts, coconut and cassava leaves.
Very cool Bootsie! I'm not at all familiar with Pakistani curries, so it's all grist for the mill.
paulky_2000 said:
TONIGHT----On the BBC (Bringing Back CURRIES!!)
Re-vamping this thread.....
We are all going to OWN this!!! :dance:
Here's tonight's entry.....
Chicken Tikka.....to eventually become Chicken Tikka Masala!
Been marinading since last night:
Love that ish right there!
grantmichaels said:
Looking good ... is that diced douglah on top? ...
I've not attempted naan at home (yet), but that looks really nice ...
Just dried habanero....but plenty hot!
The Naan was so easy!!! 4 ingredients.....plus whatever you want in it!