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D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

Click for Currently Crossed ListWill keep it updated as new crosses are added.
Butch T Yellow and Bahamian Goat won the poll!
  1. Aji Omni Color (4 votes [8.16%]
  2. bullet_star_rated.png
     Bahamian Goat (14 votes [28.57%]
  3. bullet_star_rated.png
     Butch T Yellow (9 votes [18.37%]
  4. Aji Crystal (3 votes [6.12%] 
  5. Caribbean Red Habanero (3 votes [6.12%]
  6. Paper Lantern Habanero (7 votes [14.29%] 
  7. Bolsa De Dulce (3 votes [6.12%]
  8. White Bhut (6 votes [12.24%] 
Alrighty folks! It's almost plant out time and that means that my basement and lights are going to be freed up for some crossing projects through the summer. 
I have 4 DWC buckets available for growing peppers indoors all summer. (not to mention racks for seedling growout)
2 spots are already taken by White Fatalii and CGN-21500.

These Plants will be the Base for all my other crosses. Meaning that I will use pollen from plants that are outdoors in the rest of my collection crossed with these. These will be tagged and harvested and grown out in the basement to choose phenos. I'm planning on going for taste more than heat. 
Plants to choose from  

My biggest focus will be crossing the White Fatalii with CGN-21500 but will do plenty of other crosses with them as well. 
Here is my entire grow list and potential candidates to be crossed with my final choices (hope that makes sense)
Bhut Orange Copenhagen
Jays Peach Scorpion
Bonda ma Jaques
Butch T Yellow
Sweet Datil
Bulsa de dulce
Aji Omni-color
Aji Limon
Fidalga Roxa
White Bullet Hab
Paper Lantern Hab.
Jamaican Hot Chocolate hab.
White Fatalii
White Bhut jolokia
Urfa Biber
Inca Berry
Caribbean Red Hab
Aji Pineapple
Orange Wild Brazil
Chocolate Habanero
Mystery Hababhut?
Scotch Bonnets
Taquila Sunrise "Hot"
Fooled you jalapeno
Yellow Primo
White Devils tongue
7pot Yellow brainstrain
Trinidad Giant yellow congo
Bahamian goat
Aji Crystal
Cumari do Para
Carolina Reaper
7pot Yellow
Yaki brown
Xalapa Jalapeno
Pink Tiger 
Criola Sella
7pot White 
Tepin X Lemon drop (iso) F2 
Aji Amarillo 
MOA Scotch Bonnet 
Champion (baccatum)
Large Orange Thai (growdown throwdown)
Yellow bhut
Australian Lantern Habanero
Once the poll is complete Thursday night- the two winning plants will be moved to the hydro system and this thread will serve as my grow log for this project. 

Y'all are more than welcome to offer suggestions as to what you would like to see crossed with what as well. I'm sure I will be sharing seeds with most of you at some point (prolly F2? maybe some F1's)
D3monic said:
Poll is closed! Butch T yellow and Bahamian Goat win!!!
Now if only I could figure out how to close the poll without deleting it all together  :tear: 
edited to fix winners... cgn-21500 was already chosen as a crosser.
I really liked this Idea, I think I will do this nexy year:)
That is if you don't mind me taking your idea! hahaha
I am very interested in seeing all the crosses you do, Make some goat T peppers haha
D3monic said:
Bump! only a few more hours till I call it and toss them into the hydrosystem
Noticed that CGN-21500 had some blackening on the leaves since going into hydro. Anyone have any ideas what could cause it? There was a little funk left in the rez from previous grow also maybe bleach residue. I went ahead and drained and flushed the system last night and refilled. Could it be chem burn from tap water, or maybe a fungus? It's not powdery to the touch or anything it's in the tissue. Looks like sun burn but it's the same T5 fixture that was over them in the first place. i just moved it into the hydro unit. 

White fatalii not showing any signs of it though, got the other two spots filled with water and operational. Just need some winners now  :party:

I have these on the cabinet doors of both hydro systems. Helps me keep track of what plants in what. Also going to use to keep track of crosses. I can just label the tag with the alphabetical letter. 
i was just thinking that fatalii white and cgn 21500 would be a nice cross!
Great idea, sorry to have missed the poll.
That YBT is looking strong , and the goats tend to be tough and productive;win/win
The WF X BDD sounds pretty damn good, this will be interesting to see playout-good luck this year!
They are really tasty. I'm going to the craft store here in a bit to get some jewelry tags for the next crosses. White fatalii only one that has usable flowers atm so i'm going to be playing with that one. Butch T has a few that are getting close. 
White Fatalii X Bolsa de dulce looking good. Wifey says if there's one thing i'm good at is getting bitches pregnant. 

Decided to do a cross outside  the hydro. 
Aji Crystal X Fidalga Roxa (Letter tag B)



Knocked up 3 flowers- Love the butter fly tags I picked up. Got those and the tie on jewelry tags. So far these work nice. 

Ex wifey on way to pick up kids. More fooling around with the ladies here in a bit. 
Did a few more crosses, number to far right is how many of the ladies I knocked up official cross list will be maintained on first page but here it is as well https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0iqsj9n2iebjcr/Pepper%20Cross%20spreadsheet.xls?dl=0

C= White Fatalii X Fildaga Roxa (because CGN-21500 has a while before it's throwing flowers so why not)

D= Paper Lantern X Butch T Yellow

E= 7pot Yellow Brainstrain X Aji Limon

F= Fidalga Roxa X Aji Limon (might do a few Aji Pineapple crossed with it as well later) I really want some more purple leaved plants

I'm on a raping spree! 
How exactly are you crossing all these? Removing flower and using cotton bud to rub one, then pollinate another?
Pinhigh said:
Wow, truly raped lol thanks for the link. Everything you have going on looks good!
No problem, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I still have some practice to do but a good pair of forceps helps. My wifey bought me some after I stole her favorite pair of tweezers for it. 
Loads more crosses to come so stay tuned. 
I was watering plants and had a nice idea of crossing the Paper Lantern Hab with Jays peach scorpion. both exibit nice growth patterns. 
yeah, that's my stock to practice at making something - for later when i have them from the grow ...

any ideas welcome, lol ...

i wonder if pepper jelly is within my capacity? ...