DF 2021 Glog

New Seeds Startup :D
Batch one;


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dragonsfire said:
Thanks! been slow, plants still not growing realy, fruit on small plants :(
That’s okay, I have small pods on big plants.
Just a world of runts here!, I’m afraid  ;)
My peppers flowered bigtime. The winds broke a few peppers so I filled in with late start cayennes. I honestly don't know if the plants should fruit this early as I'm more concerned with growth. So far I'm a little less in the heat department although Fri-Sat is 35-36c not that it matters. To be be fair your plants look better overall as mine got powdery mildew then sunscald a week later causing leaf drop. So while you have nice leaves I've got big stalks and small leaves just reforming. 


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Seems like you've been getting lots of inconsistency with your weather.  Bummer about the losses, but your red hab is looking bushy and fine and that golden cayenne isn't wasting any time.  Have you grown the goldens previously?  What's your take on the pods?
First time with the Golden ones, looking forward to see what they do :) Cayenne's in general I find grow quick.
Guess depends on the area of the country, its not humid here so thats a blessing, humidity im guessing gives allot of mold.
Thanks! some are nice and bushy, the inconsistency is stressful, calling for rain on Friday and 40c with 16c at night, then dropping to 33c during the day the next week..
Morning Pics.
Pablano Peppers, maybe, lost my tag so Im guessing.

Swiss Heat survivor from last year still has no flowers.

Long Cayenne doing well, small plants but they have some nice handfuls.

Orange Bell pepper, got two plants and each has one pepper.

Candy cane Pepper.


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Weather cycles have been a pain this season, alright, Neil.
I am wondering if your wilted plants have root damage of
some kind?  I have had a few do that and every time the
roots look unhealthy. A time or two, broke a root transplanting,
same result. Hope that is not a spreading problem for you,
you have some nice plants going.


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Good work bringing those plants to the pepper 
producing stage!
Not much taste and no seeds, see how the next one is when I decide to pick it.
Hoping its the bad weather start affecting the first pepper. 
A standard 33c every day for some days 38c, grass wont go green, so many brown lawns except if they have a tree shadow protecting them, 36c high today.