DF 2021 Glog

New Seeds Startup :D
Batch one;

The Hot Pepper

I can taste it now. Golden cayennes, a little yellow curry powder, some cane vinegar, garlic, and shallots.
That would be funny if that is them, never tates fresh ones before. How did yours taste ?

LOL, was looking at some pics, yup look alike and similar description on taste.
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Hey, DF, you always seem to pull it off at the end
despite your unpredictable weather. Good to see
you pulling in some pods. The Golden Cayenne
look delicious. Hotter than red?
Your going to love those lemon slice there great and read into Skullbikers thread as you might but orange spice on your grow list next year.
Your plants seem super healthy and I hope the weather improves for you in the weeks to come.
Can't be nothing but happy with your ja mushroom and TriPaulThreat plants they look super healthy,your indoor grow looks great.🙂