misc f@#$ it im drinking ;)

texas blues said:
What? Are you a congressman or a lawyer? Who's got the jing for Grey Goose or Kettle?

Cheers, TB.

No jing, we get it free lol... anyways, tonight is gonna be another goose night. Have some buddies coming in from NYC so it should be a good time. NO Everclear tonight tho! haha
Well, I'm sure that many of you have heard about the 4 cops that got killed in Oakland, CA this past week. One of them was a friend of mine I went to high school with. We were in the marching and jazz band together, but lost touch over the years. We finally got back in touch via Facebook, and he was killed on duty.

If any of you are Jack Daniels drinkers, hoist a glass towards California in Mark Dunnakin's honor.

I've got a nice six-pack of Sam Whitebread Pale Ale, 'cause I don't drink Jack.

Rest in piece my friend.... You were a helluva guy.
Hey, lookee what I found at - of all places - the gas station today! Now I can hang out at the cool kids table in the cafeteria.

I also tried some Bud American Ale the other day based on something I saw around here and it IS good - very Sam Adams-ish. But damn them for not using a twist-off cap!

DevilDuck said:
If you're golfin', you won't be getting laid......

i don't plan on gettin laid on the golf course although that would be cool.... I'm gonna golf, then I'm coming home and grillin with the buds.... THEN tonight, I assure u, I'm gettin laid hahahhahaha
imaguitargod said:
Bed time for me. Not enough beers I'm affraid.... :(

Irony..smme here..no pay til tmw, and had a few Stweel 24's..so prolyl best to jus let tomorrow come. Besides,. I got pool to play wit d bioyz in arvo.