flavor Fatalii Chocolate...tasteless??!

Bit into a Fatalii Chocolate last night, and...nothing!

No burn and no taste! Could I have harvested too early? My dreams are shattered....:(

BTW They were a rich brown when harvested.
I have a few plants growing now but only flowering, no pods yet, but I have heard that there is little to no heat, not sure about the flavour yet though?????
I grew them this past season...no heat, taste was bell pepperish...waste of good soil and nutes IMO....
The chocolate Fatalii is the result of a cross between a regular Fatalii and a Peruvian Chinense. The latter a brown fruit with very little to no heat.

This cross is still relatively new, so there may be other variations, but mine from last season were also close to no heat.

Apparently a pepper to be grown for the looks, and not for the taste...

I'll tell you how bad they were IMO...after I ate the first pod, I said, hey, this is just immature so I waited and ate another one...same bland taste so I simply stopped watering/fertilizing them in July...I just let them go...

I am assuming they are an unstable hybrid and like rrene says, probably for looks rather than taste/heat...
I had pretty much the same experience with the ones I grew last year. They had a more, or less, green pepper flavor and they didn't have ANY heat at all until you got over half way down the pod. Even then there wasn't much heat to it. This one still needs more work.

The one's I grew were also mild but had a nice smokey flavor. I enjoy using the powder. They were pretty nice fried up, but rather thinwalled for it.
I grew them for the first time last year also. I was a bit nervous about eating one but AJ and PRF both said they were a zero on the heat scale so I ate one right off the plant. They were right. They looked so darn good too. I kept the plant and used them for the flavor.
I agree, I grew both yellow and chocolate last year. My yellows matured faster so I ate some of those first... I was very excited to try the chocolates after!! And nothing, I was very disappointed! No heat, and just a bell pepper taste, like everyone else has experienced.... I thought I might have gotten a mis labeled plant. I am glad that is not the case. I am not growing them this year....