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favorite Favorite supermarket sauce?

The closest I have done is some pepper powder and lime squeeze and used chips to scoop it out. Rustic guac.
@Ashen Damm dude. I can't believe I'm today years old learning that,
and I've taken Tequila shots out of a hollowed out cucumber. Because, why not?
These are pretty good. Hanks has these with Herdez, la Victoria, taxation (WHAT? Boss, how do I turn off AutoCorract?) TAPATIO's! valentinos, a couple other jar salsa brands and Mrs Renfro in the Mexican ingredients section. Tabasco. Crystal, Dave's,and such are in the condiments section. I've seen Secret Aardvark a couple times over the last 5 years, but it's not a regular on the shelf. Definitely good stuff!

Due to Bonus Money from Uncle Joe, we placed an order with HEAT Hot Sauce Shop. We added some Secret Aardvark along with Palo Alto Firefighters, High River tears of the sun, Heartbreaking Dawns Classic Gold, Humbolt Sauces, Lucky Dog, Volcanic Peppers, SeaFire Gourmet, CharMan, Burns and McCoy and some others that are already gone. Man, it is nice to have some of our favorites back in the pantry!

The Street Taco sauces were a very recent find. We'll be keeping those on hand.

I've done that avocado with hot sauce for lunch/snack a few times. :lol: Also sliced 'cado on rye crisp crackers with hot sauce...


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That’s where I got the idea, was at a brewery and they where doing it with their mexican lager. I was like .. the lager sounds gross but hook me up with that rim job with the asmodeus imperial stout. It was divine
Supermarkets here don’t typically have a crazy selection :mope:

@PaulG , I WISH I could get readily grab that Secret Aardvark sauce at the grocery store! That stuff is deeeeee-licious!

@WarrantMan , by the time I was in the military, they’d switched to Texas Pete’s ;) I’ve never tried Trappey’s.

For the “usual suspects” at our grocery stores, I really like the chipotle sauces from Tabasco and Cholula. Once in a while I can find Melinda’s. I like their Scotch Bonnet and Mango Habanero sauces. The one time I saw High River’s “Tears of the Sun” sauce on the shelf, I grabbed 3 bottles, especially after hearing @Edmick rave about it. Glad I did too, because it’s freakin’ awesome. Walkerswood makes a pretty damn good jerk sauce/paste/marinade too, that (I believe) comes in a couple different heat levels.

@The Hot Pepper , I’ve never tried that Herdez Salsa Verde sauce but, their Guacamole Salsa sauce is off the charts good! Super creamy and great on Mexican food. Label says it’s mild, but it packs a little bit of kick from the poblanos in there:

Their taqueria roja (no heat) sauce is pretty tasty, and their taqueria chipotle one isn’t too bad

For hot wing sauce, I always go for a local favorite from Connecticut; Archie Moore’s Buffalo wing sauce. Another thick, creamy sauce that’s a staple in my fridge:


I just found this sauce in the store a few months ago, and it’s really tasty! Goes well on just about anything. (No, this pic isn’t a hot sauce but) They make a Buffalo sauce infused version of this stuff that’s purdy darn good too (same style bottle but different color scheme on the label, if I’m remembering that correctly)


Herdez Guac is the bomb.
Saw this at the store today and grabbed it:




I just had some on buttery linguine and it was really good. The more I ate, the more the tang from the vinegar was prominent though. Not what I’m typically looking for hen I eat pasta, lol. Still a tasty sauce though! It’s in a squeeze bottle, and has (roughly) the same consistency as ketchup. I think it’d be slammin’ used as they recommend on the label; wings, salad dressing, and on pizza. Might be a little redundant, but I’d slather this stuff all over some garlic bread too, hehe

I don’t see this bottle lasting too long in my house 😁
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A little while back I bought a bottle of Tropical Pepper Co. Scotch Bonnet sauce at Food Lion. I got hooked on it and ended up buying several bottles. Now I'm about out and couldn't find it anymore! Oh, well. I have plenty of peppers fermenting that will become sauce to last me till next year. It was convenient though to just grab some off the shelf!