• This is the place to discuss all spicy commerical products, not just sauce!

favorite Favorite supermarket sauce?

The Hot Pepper

What is your favorite sauce that you can readily get at your local supermarket?
For a classic hot sauce, I like Valentina Black Label.

For wings or stir fry, I usually get BWW Asian Zing sauce. It tastes like a spicier version of General Tso's Chicken sauce, and it is pretty inexpensive at my local grocery store.
Besides the classics like Trappey's, Sriracha, Cholulah etc, (not a fan of Tabasco) My FAVORITE is a can of pickled peños with carrots and onions (escabeche) , dumped into a blender and puréed until smooth. I put that sh*t on everything. Same thing with chipotle in adobo. Sofa King good!
I never thought of blending it together as I'm not a fan of just eating them d=straight out of the can. Great idea.
Coconut Sriracha

I was given a bottle once and didn't think I would be impressed until I tried it. Now I always have some in the fridge.
Which brand? That Marion's one has sugar listed first. 😲