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CapsaicinHigh said:
To the Germans: I am actually living in Germany right now (moving back to the states soon). Ich kann nicht scharf essen finden! (I can't find spicy foods!) Even when something is advertised as spicy it seems to be a very mild spiciness. Do y'all have any tips on where to find some truly spicy foods? I have settled with buying a jar of pepperoni from Rewe, and cutting them up and putting it on all of my food, but I suppose the Germans don't have a natural tongue for spicy foods! Tips would be appreciated! :cool: :onfire:

The problem is that most Germans don't like their food too spicy. So even Indian, Mexican or Thai restaurants in Germany adapt to that. If they are really run by Asian or Latino people tell the waiter or the cook that you are used to real hot stuff and they'll probably be glad to cook something you and they like. If you happen to have your own kitchen then the local Asia Laden may be a good source for habaneros, Thai chilis and bird peppers. But they are actually messing with nomenclature quite a bit. Yesterday I bought some red habaneros in an Asia Laden. They really looked like habs and tasted like habs. But they were named "cayenne hot"! :D The Turkish shops may have some nice pepperoni with a heat of about 5 or max. 6.
Thank y'all again for more welcomes!

Armadillo said:
P.S.: Where exactly are you now and how long will you stay?

Thanks for all of the tips! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that has noticed! I am currently in Köln, and will be here until Christmas.

Cap said:

Arrr, neighbor, 'n' thanks!