Finefinefine. I submit. There are seasonal beers.

Yep ice cold stout is not ice,Ice cold Guinness is not pleasant..Dublin Guinness is spot on on temp and quality :)
Buddah said:
IGG, thank you for fitting the description of Beer Nerd. Seasonal beer, humbug! :rolleyes: Just drink it! That is what they made it for. You know you can drink a PBR anytime.

Finally Buddah says something that I agree with! Yes COLD Pabst Blue Ribbon in bottles is great any time of the year! I mean, how many brewers can actually say that about their brew. FooFoo brewers are incapapable of making an all season brew so they are forced to make seasonal brews. :P

PBR = Preferred Beer of Royalty

One thing that I think we can all agree on...FREE BEER is great anytime of the year!


[quote name='Cap'n Bones']One thing that I think we can all agree on...FREE BEER is great anytime of the year![/QUOTE]
Well, yeah,. there's a reason they are "seasonals" .

Still, I love winter beers the best and stash plenty away to enjoy throughout the year.
I used to disregard the whole seasonal enjoyment of beer thing..well outside of the fact that some beers are only available during certain seasons... In Florida there are barely two and not as hot (winter). So it was pretty much a free for all as far as when to enjoy different types of beers. Like hell I'd wait all year to have an imperial stout.

In a sense, I'm still that way, but I think now that I'll be living in a place with real seasons, I might have to focus on certain types of beers during their designated seasons.
It works if you look at it on the smaller scale, like your local brewpub. You get to look forward to certain beers at certain times. I always look forward to the winter/Christmas ales for example. Of course, if you buy cases you can drink them year round as I did in a mini Christmas in July celebration this year.
i drink stout whenever i feel like it, its a beer i can have whenever; i cant say that for all varieties of beer, heffewizens are best drank in the summer for me, but stouts are best when drank by me, period
millworkman said:
Just drink ice cold stouts and you will survive just fine.

"Ice cold" is the suggestion that crappy beer makers recommend so that your taste buds will be numbed by the cold liquid, and you won't taste how crappy the beer is.

An ice cold stout is a capital offense.