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GIP 2016 grow

Well i guess i should finally get around to doing a Glog this year.
where to start...
I guess we will start with my Grow list for this years Peppers 
in mostly no order ;
Amish Bush,
Aribibi Gusano,
Bishops Crown,
Bolsa De Dulce,
Bradleys Bahamian,
Chocolate Bhutlah (Italian),
Grenada Seasoning,
Habanero Galapogense-Isabella Island,
Naga Morich (Orange),
Pipi de mono,
Primo (Yellow),
Queen Laurie,
Trinidad Perfume,
Yellow Hand Grenade,
Aji Arnaucho,
Aji Dulce # 1,
Aji fantasy (white),
Aji Fantasy *(yellow)
Aji Limo,

Aji Mango,

Aji Margaretino, 
Aji Melocoton,
Aji Omnicolor,

Aji Auchapan (probably misspelled),
Aji Jobito,

Black Fatalii,
Billy Boy Douglah (yellow),
Peach bhut SS,
7 pot Peach,
Bubblegum 7 (Chocolate),
Bubblegum 7 (Large),
Bubblegum 7 (Orange),
Bubblegum 7 (Yellow),
JRGS X BBG7 (elongated),
Tepin x Lemon Drop, 
Bleeding Borg 9,
Genghis Khan's Brain (Trinidad Scorpion x native Trinidad & Tobago Pepper F6),
Pimenta Reaper cross,
BBG7 x Jobito, 
FruteGum (Cabai Burung Ungu x Bubblegum 7)
Fruxim (Frutescens x Eximium)

Pimenta Puma, 
Purple Haze, 
Orange TigerGum mamp, 
PdN x Bhut (RED),
PdN x Bhut (Peach/Cream),
Neyde X Ghost (orange), 
Chocolate NagaBrain


Blushing Dutchman(CGN21500x7Pot barrackapore),
Big Red Mojo,
Trinidad Perfume x Trinidad Seasoning (F2)

Trinidad Congo (red),
Giant Red Rocoto,
Rocoto Ecuadorian Sweet,
Rocoto Tropical Orange,
Rocoto Peru Bitdumi,
Rocoto Peruvian Red (Arequipa),
Rocoto Pineapple,
Rocoto Red (Hogleg),
Rocoto San Isidro,
Rocoto Yellow (early),
Rocoto P360,
Long yellow Pubescens (Yellow-Sausage-Pube), 
Manzano Yellow,
Trinidad small cherry,
Wild Brazil,
Chocolate BrainStrain, 
Tomato pepper, 
Stuffing Scotch bonnet,
Jalapeno (yellow),
Cayenne (yellow),
Red Sweet Foot Long,
Calabreze Mazetti,
Sugar Rush Cream
NOT Mako Kokoo (Small Fruity Yellow Hot Minion?)
Black Pearl, 
Chinese 5 color, 
Bellingrath Gardens, 
Filius blue,

well i'm certain there are several more missing from that list...
(I will update this 1st post as i remember which plants are not on this list) :)
now onto some Pictures. (that's what your really here for right :P )

Started seeds in GH Rapid Rooter plugs (work great for cuttings and good for seeds too)

3.17.16 sprouts

3.21.16 sprouts

Seedlings at approximately 3.5 weeks after sowing

(This tray was started mid Janurary i cant find original pics, but they almost died twice when i had to leave them in the care of my Mother In-law for 11 days, then 7 days) these pictures taken on 3.30.16 after reviving some back to health 
onto potting up...

start with these fine ingredients here 
Thegreenchilemonster said:
The correct spelling on that one is Aji Arnaucho, sorry if my handwriting wasn't very legible on the seed pack I sent you. It is supposed to be a fatter version of the Aji Limo, and a Chinense. Those seeds came from all of the seeds my friends mom brought me from Peru. My Aji Arnaucho is looking a bit like an annuum right now, but hasn't opened any flowers yet. The rest of the seeds she sent me are growing true. How do the flowers on your aji arnaucho look?

Aji Arnaucho

Aji Arnaucho flower
thanks again for the seeds :)
more updates;

Yellow Cayenne

Trinidad Cherry

Trinidad Perfume x Trinidad Seasoning


Tepin x Lemon Drop

Purple Haze

Pimenta Reaper cross (this one has light colored foliage, I also have one with darker foliage)

Pineapple Rocoto

Pimenta Puma

PdN x Bhut (this 1 ripens to a cream/peach color)

Jobito x BBG7

Genghis Khans Brain

? Genghis Khans Brain ? (this does not look right at all) 
many more pics...
Update continued...


Giant Mexican Rocoto

HUGE Bishops Crown pod starting to ripen (my wife is 6' and doesn't have tiny hands either, thats a BIG pod)

Galapagos-Isabella Hab


Filius Blue

Chinese 5 color

Bellingrath Gardens (this plant has very unique variegated foliage)

Ecuadorian sweet Rocoto

Datil x Limon

Chocolate BBG7

CGN21500 x 7pot Barrakapore (dark stems lighter foliage)

CGN21500 x 7pot Barrakpore (DARK foliage)

these are  a cross between BBG7 {Large early bleeding calyx} X (PdN x Bhut) {Red ripening pheno}

Aji melocoton 
even moar pics...
06.28.16 Pics continued...

Aji Limo Rojo

Aji Margaretino 

Aji Jobito


Aji Auchuapan flower

7pot Peach


Tangerine Dream

some, Red Lake Currants
Bonus flower pics;

Hybrid Lily Olina

Hybrid Lily Royal Sunset

Daylily Navajo Blanket

Daylily Kindly light

Daylily Fooled Me
thanks for stopping by and looking at the garden :)
mini update;

OrangeGumTiger MAMP

Jobito x  Bubblegum  looking good (Nice big calyx)

first Peru Bitdumi of the year to start getting some color ( this is an overwintered plant)

Genghis Khan Brain starting to get  more gnarly looking 
(the other one still looks more bhut shaped)
Flower Bonus;

O.T. hybrid lilys  (these get really tall)

Royal Sunset

Bela Lugosi Daylily

another Daylily, (lost the tag, and cant remember the name on this one)

Daylily Radiation Biohazard

Daylily Strawberry candy (this one is much more pink in the morning, and turns more peach/orangeish in direct sun)
kitty wanted to be included too :

thanks for stopping by to look at the garden
OCD Chilehead said:
Flowers look amazing. Natural beauty.

Khan's are looking good. Mean looking pod's. I've never eaten one. You?

I have 5 of them.

I think, I'm going to end up with the Chinese under lights. Still no blossoms. They're going into veg mode. Way off track. Poor things.
thanks :)
this is my first year growing the Khans Brain, i'm anxious to try them. I have 3, two of them look correct, one looks as you said, more bhut shaped.
I started earlier this year (beginning of January) than last year in hopes to have more ripe pods before the cold nights hit 
(last year i had to select a few for overwintering, and finish them under HPS)
I have indoor DWC i need to update glog with more pics of as well
thanks for stopping by, happy holiday weekend to you,
small update;
(nighttime pics this time :D i thought i'd change it up a bit)
first lets show some of the huge variation on some of these crosses

this is a 7JPdN with dark foliage and pods that start out dark 

this 7JPdN has light green foliage and the pods start out green

this is Pimenta Puma x Carolina Reaper with dark foliage, and pods that start out dark

this Pimenta Puma x Carolina Reaper  shows no sign of dark foliage or dark pods

Pimenta Puma has very dark foliage
this one is curious :confused: i thought Filius Blue had upright pods, but i have 1 plant with upright pods and 1 with pendant pods. both from the same source, same bag of seeds. :think:

Filius Blue {pendant pods}

Filius Blue {upright pods}

this one is PdN x Bhut {ripens peach/cream colored}

OrangeGum Tiger MAMP

7Pot Peach

these super gnarly looking pods are JRGS x BBG7(elongated)

these yellow BBG7 have tails :shocked:
and some pods near ripe

Peru Bitdumi Rocoto 

Tomato Pepper

Yellow Cayenne

Sugar Rush Cream
i've probably reached my photo limit for one post, and i need to sort through the rest of the photos
more photo updates soon
thanks for stopping by to take a look   :)