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hot-sauce Good general use hotsauce wanted

First of all, Hi, I'm Coop, I'm new to this forum and I have a pretty serious addiction to spicy stuff. Not a problem... But, I live in the Netherlands, where good hot sauce is hard to find in the local shops.
Most stores here have one kind, the original Tabasco. If you're lucky you might find the mild Jalapeno version (as if the original isn't mild enough as it is) or if you're really lucky, you might be able to find Encona West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce, which is a little better, but still nowhere near quenching my craving for fiery hotness... When cooking I use sambal or fresh chilies a lot to spice things up. But sambal contains a lot of seeds and skins, so makes dishes less easthetically pleasing and using fresh cilies is time consuming and I cant always get the kinds I want.

Now I've seen a lot of places that sell hotsauce over the internet, but a lot of them don't ship to the Netherlands, or only at insane shippingcost. So here is question 1:

- What shops will ship to the Netherlands at a decent rate?

And now for the even more important bit, what sauce(s) to get? I'm looking for something thats pretty much general use. Something to spice up my chili but also suitable to put on a sandwich or use in (or as) a dip. So here is question 2:

- What hotsauce(s) to get?

I'd like to start out with maybe 1 or 2 samplers with different kinds of sauce so I can work from there to find the ultimate hotsauce for me.

Thanks for your help,

This may help. You can shop here and save 5%.

Welcome to THP!
get in touch with some of the UK members from this site, I'm sure they know of places to order from that'll ship to you & the S&H may be even cheaper than having the hot sauce shipped from USA.

I dont know many but Rainbowberry, Woody, Darochileman (I may be wrong with that spelling) & some other germany members stop by every now & then. they should be able to hook you up with a more local place to buy hot sauce from.

THP - I 'm not dissing that site just thinking about S&H costs for Coop.
I was thinking the Blair's Mini Death Hot Sauce sampler might be a good place to start. 4 kinds to try, and the small bottles are pretty useful too as I can easily take them with me to work (I eat at work often as I work irregular hours and my wife doesn't share my passion for spicy foods, she thinks Tabasco is the juice of hell itself...)

I will look into your suggestions too Omri, Fire Foods 'Woody's Reserve' sounds pretty good, especially as I had the honour to taste a fresh Bhut Jolokia pepper myself a while ago, but it might be a bit over the top for general use.
Both Snakebite PR and Woody's Reserve are natural sauces, and they're not as hot as the actual pepper alone.
It's a good kind of heat, didn't make me sweat or shed tears.
BTW, they're both from the UK, so it's close to you.
Thats good news, even if they don't ship to the Netherlands. I have a buddy in london who could forward the package for me.
lol, if they shipped to Israel... they'll do the same with Netherlands. :lol:

Now I repeat my recommendation of Bent's 'pain'.
Here's Bent:

Now he's working on something called 'pain2', and you don't want it... it's made with Bhut Jolokia.
Just order the regular 'pain', it's a decent heat with great flavor.
Hi Coop and everyone,
There are many hot sauces that I love, but my favorite is Melinda's. They specialize in habanero sauces, and you can order them from their website, www.melindas.com. I HIGHLY recommend their XXXXtra Reverve. Delicious and hot! I put it on absolutely everything I eat!
I agree with Omri bent pain is a good sauce to get or Ol' Man Stillmanz, Both are from down under. There are more sauces from THP and all have there uses just do what the HP said and check the zone out

You know one of my favourite sauce companies in the whole world is EL YUCATECO the range is interesting... the green habanero is excellent I like the red as well the carribean is good as well, very true in flavour you can add it to a dish or use it as a condiment. I think it would be pretty easy to get I'm sure they sell it in The UK
I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the suggestions...

It's really refreshing to find a forum where you actually get answers and suggestions to your questions instead of a 'use the search function you f-ing noob!'.

Thanks guys (& gals)!!
100% agree with you there! good and friendly!

Chillis grow P.R.I.M.E here is australia and id say try some. get some from englane ect too. try them from all round the world.

you only live once and your taste buds will thank you!

Oh, trust me, I'm going to try a lot of them.... I'm just looking for a place to start... Right now I'm trying to decide on which to get from the following:

- Fire Foods 'Woody's Reserve'
- Snakebite PR
- Bent's 'pain'

I cant just pull out a wad of cash and get them all, because I'm about to move to a new house, and my money is needed elsewhere. Thats why I'm looking for something 'general use', so I have something to get through the stuff thats ahead. When I'm settled in my new place (with excellent kitchen for preparing fiery hot goodies) I'm going to get some more to try out.
All are excellent sauces.
I'll sum it up for you, so it would be easier to choose.

Woody's Reserve is a hot, sweet fruity sauce. just great.
Snakebite PR is a pretty hot sauce with pepper and vegetable-like flavor. very good flavor.
Pain is like you took your favorite sauce and poured it over a French dessert. not like anything you had before, it's a weird and magical combo.
In my opinion Coop you can't go wrong with the first two you chose. I've never had Bent's 'Pain' but Bowhunter mentioned Stillmanz. Stillmanz sent me a fantastic sauce. Woodys (Firefoods) will probably be your cheapest, if not best. Marks (Darlochileman) Snakebite is still cheap and great tasting but you will find it hotter than Woodys or Stillmanz but not atomic.
Yep, none of the mentioned sauces are "too hot". that's why they're a good recommendation for general use.

rainbowberry @ you MUST try 'pain', it's amazing.
I will second THP on Cape Fear's Red Savina... I put that sauce on everything and it tastes great! It has to be my personal favorite so far.

Good luck on your decision and let us know what you end up picking.