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hot-sauce Good general use hotsauce wanted

bentalphanerd said:

coffee in one side - hot sauce in the other.

I was thinking beer and hotsauce but coffee works too
Chai & hotsauce go together very well... You'd almost think those folks in india are on to something :P
...great, now I'm craving Indian food... oh well, guess I'll be cooking a curry tonight, I have some Chapatti to go with it anyway :)

Omri said:
Get a storage box like some of those deliverymen.
BTW the Netherlands is still twice the size of Israel.

Yes, but you guys have better Shawarma :P
In another life, an ex's father used to collect hot sauces. Hundreds, he had. He owned a deli and every wall was lined in shelves and hot sauces. I tried many of them, and my favorite is Vicious Viper. It has an awesome flavor and just the right amount of heat to be able to use all the time. I'm not sure if its an extract sauce, but it sure doesn't taste like it. It's been almost 10 years and I still constantly have a bottle in my refrigerator, although now I've discovered the joys of Red Savinas... Slice one of those up and put it on your food, no need for the sauces...
tapatio...its my favorite hot sauce, similar to cholula. Not too hot but has an amazing taste, i put it on everything.

This may sound strange but you should try using hot sauce on grapes. its delicious, i first taste the juciness/sweet from the grape then taste the hot.