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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning.

23-46 rain in the forecast. At least it’s no snow. Can’t wait for the global warming to kick in.

As far as aphids. I spray with organic pesticide early on. Over winters get the treatment a month before heading indoors and a maintenance treatment through out the Winter. No issue with aphids again.

Fungus gnats. Bottom watering and letting the surface dry should keep them at bay. If they are hibernating in the potting soil, bake the soil in the oven in a turkey pan covered with foil. That will kill off the gnats and any other bacterial and fungal that may be lurking. Then start your seeds in that.

Got guitar strings from Sic. Installed them sounds great. My wrist is still buggered up, as well as me knee and foot. lol All on the same side. Will mess around in the guitar and organize tools in the garage.

Have a good day.
Good morning. It's 30F on its way to 58F. Mild and breezy. The WX people are forecasting epic high temperatures for the remainder of the month. 70s later on this week .... crazy! Must be climate change. Ever since we came out of the deep freeze in mid-January, we've had late March/April "like" temps. It's too dry and too warm .... Not good for the trees nor the farmers.
Might be an early spawn for the walleye ..... I need to get out and check the water temps.
We're 1 month out from planting potatoes and onions too.
Not doing much today. Taking the female cat to the vet for her monthly arthritis shot. Maybe stop by the grocery store. Futzing this afternoon. Grilling pork chops this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 32F, on its way to 49F. No 70's in our forecast, lol. I'm done concocting and tweaking the hot sauce. I'll bottle it today. By the way, reapers are pretty hot :mouthonfire:. Besides bottling, I'm not sure what's on the agenda. It is Margherita Monday, so maybe I can finagle a trip to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. Catherine, for fungus gnats, I have used a hydrogen peroxide flush, like THIS, with good success. For aphids, I got nothing. You can slow them down with Neem and Castile soap, but it doesn't eliminate them. The only thing that works for me is being able to set the plants outside in the Spring. The nasty little buggers just disappear within a week or so. Anyway, good luck in your battles. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and get those seed trays ready!
Good morning. 31-55F. Thanks guys for the suggestions on trying to keep bugs away from the seedlings. I don’t plan on starting the peppers until the week March 1, so I have time to experiment. Last year I soaked Mosquito Bits in water, then soaked the soil for a few days. That seemed to work until the aphids ‘came out of hibernation’ and needed to be washed off every few days. I may try baking the soil since I only have a few varieties this year.
Enjoy the day and the warmer temps. WX here predicts a warm and dry summer - closer to ‘normal’ than last year anyway.
Good morning. It's 31F on its way to 70F. Sunny, warm and a great day to be outside. Unbelievable WX for this time of year (the normal high should be around 40F). Need to check on the hot tub chemistry and then I'm headed out to the garden to assess what (if anything) needs to be done out there. Grilling some chicken this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 29F, on its way to 51F. Pretty heavy frost out there this morning. Well, I'm done with that batch of hot sauce. I'll probably make another one pretty soon. Still need to clear out the freezers. Now, back to focusing on seeds. I'm gonna try to get them in some dirt in the next few days. We didn't make it to Margarita Monday. Maybe I'll whip up something with a Mexican flair for dinner, lol. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and enjoy the day.
Good morning. Looks like a beautiful sunny day, warmer than usual. Yesterday daughter bought her new car that should last decades because of the cost (!). No lease, just loan and down payment. Monday errands today, maybe a trip to drop off a few boxes for donation.
Have a great day. Enjoy the warm sun when it arrives. Take time for loved ones.
Good morning. It's 45F on its way to 73F. Another beautiful day. Shorts pants and flip flops today! Busy day. Taking the male cat to the vet for another glucose curve.
I'm also giving away a car today. It's a 2010 Ford Taurus that's been in my barn for several years. Beautiful car and in good shape. It's the car that I drove back-n-forth to work before I retired and before covid. Giving it to a young couple that could really use it. It hasn't been run since covid started so they're coming out to tow it away. It's a good thing. We don't need it and it's just taking up space.
Probably do some futzing this afternoon. Grilling something this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. 35-60F, readying for Spring. Coffee group then a few errands to pick up stuff we forgot yesterday. We’re traveling to warm Houston for a wedding but will still bring warm(er) clothes. The cat senses something is amiss, as she is very clingy.
Have a wonderful Wednesday. Stay safe and healthy.
Good morning. There's another heavy frost out there, but it's sunny and 29F, on its way to 53F. It's warming up a little, but the shorts will stay in the drawer, 🙂. Well, I bought a new smoker the other day - 25% off. It's an 18" Weber Smokey Mountain. I already have a 22", but it's usually too big for our needs. If I filled the 22" up, I could easily feed 100 people. The 18" is much more practical for us, and cheaper to run. So there! See how I justified the purchase? ha. I'll be putting it together today. Then maybe load it up with kindling and such, and give it a burn to get rid of any manufacturing residue. THEN, it'll be ready to do its thing. Now I have to figure out what to smoke first, lol. Safe travels Catherine. Hope everybody has a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe out there and smoke on.😎
Good morning. It's 47F on its way to 67F. Another unreal February day. I have to work today too .... for a couple of hours .... totally not cool. Futzing this afternoon. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast and 33F, on its way to 51F. There's a promise of rain today, after it warms up a bit. Guess I need to get out there and move the smoker under cover before then :shocked: . I have to work today as well. Work on the washing machine, that is. It won't spin. Parts to be delivered today, then tear it up. Worst that can happen is I load it up on the trailer and take it to the dump, then hit Lowes on the way home. I hope for a better (and cheaper) outcome, ha. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and don't work too hard.
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Good morning. 30-47F, typical for February. I have to finish packing and then we leave for the wedding this AM. It will be nice to enjoy a few warmer days and maybe see a few Southern flowers in bloom.
Have a wonderful Thursday, stay safe and healthy. I’ll bring home some southern charm.
Good morning. It's 34F on its way to 67F. Crazy nice WX. The yard is turning green and all the trees are budding out (I'm afraid it's way too early). The WX we've had for the past few weeks is abnormal .... we normally don't see WX like this until late April. We've even turned off the heat in the house.
Today, I'm going to service the mower ..... get it ready for the mowing season. Probably indulge in some epic futzing after that. Thinking about starting my chinenses tomorrow. Grilling chicken this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. A little drizzle out there this morning. It's currently 40F, on its way to 60F. Rain is supposed to stop this AM. Well yesterday, after about 30 minutes of work and a $9 part, the washer now spins like new. Yay! Hope it holds up, lol. Lots of errands on the agenda for today. I hope the WX guesser is right, and the rain stops soon. Hope everybody has a fantastic Friday. Be safe out there and enjoy the day.
Good morning from Houston, a h-u-g-e expanse of roads and tolls. Our friend will be taking us to a BBQ place about an hour north of here, said it’s the best non-chain BBQ in Texas. After dinner is the bachelor get together. Guess I’ll stay here and watch another movie.
Have a wonderful Friday. Enjoy your warmer weather and all that goes with it.