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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's 35F on its way to 45F. Watching Premier League this morning. Futzing and mud walking this afternoon. Netflix and chill is low probability. Big football game this evening. Menu: Chips-n-dip, Mac-n-cheese (w/sausage) and Empanadas. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast, drizzling and 49F, on its way to nowhere. The warm spell is over. Yesterday's planned futzing turned into a couple of hours in the garden. Made quite a bit of progress on clean-up. Still more to do. Today is definitely a chill day. Might binge-watch the last season of Bosch. Hope to see a football game worth watching this evening. Hope everybody has a peaceful and restful Sunday. Be safe out there and have a great day.
Good morning. 16-38F and sunny. This woodpecker has been quite noisy this AM, using our metal roof to wake us up. He must be hungry. Our friend are re-taking their vows after 50 years, nice to see that. They will have a spread of food good enough for the football game. Can’t get into the garden like Downriver, at least not until the snow melts.
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday. Enjoy all of the festivities.
Good morning. It's overcast, raining and 45F, on its way to 51F. Good day to stay inside. The football game yesterday turned out to be a good one, for a change. Congrats to the victor and their fans. I need to wrap up seed selection and get the chinense's started. I'll work toward that end today. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and don't forget the umbrella.
Good morning. It's 31F on its way to 52F and should be sunny. Not much going on around here today. Probably do some serious fishing tackle futzing this afternoon. Big win for our local NFL team last night and it's great for the city. SB leftovers later on. Be safe and be good.
Morning chickens - I have perked up so here I am.
Rain stopped eventually and I managed to get back to work with the dogs yesterday, always cheers me up.
Freezing fog today - loving this global warming :D
Anyways off to work, have a good Tuesday - keep warm, dry and smile :D
Good morning. It's 28F on its way to 63F. Sunny, mild and breezy. I'm going to work today (I know! Crazy!). I have meetings from 1000-1630. I'm already tired just thinking about it. After that, we're going to our Grandson's school program. No futzing and no mud walking today. Probably have soup and sandwiches this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's cloudy and 33F, on its way to 47F. Snowed overnight, enough to turn everything white....and booger up the roads for rush hour. Glad I don't have to fight that mess anymore. I'll just sit here in my recliner and enjoy this morning's coffee, thank you very much, :lol:. Needed to get a couple more seed requests out yesterday. Now, I can focus on 2024. Narrowing the grow-list down. Should finish that today. Diets are fun, about as much as going to work, lol. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and don't put the snow shovels away just yet.
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Good morning. It's 34F on its way to 65F. I'm working again today (Ugh!). Went to our grandson's school program last night. Great fun. They're saying there will be 1M people at today's Chief's parade/rally. Good day to stay away from downtown KC. Maybe I'll do some futzing later on. I saw that the contractors installing the fiber down our road rutted up the easement ..... I hope they smooth it out or I'll have my work cut out for me before mowing season. My 2024 grow plan is complete and we're just waiting to get started. That's about it. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 37F, on its way to 46F. Should be an ok day. The microwave fritzed out the other day. At first, it tripped the breaker. Now it won't even come on. Did some 'net surfing, and it looks like it could be either a fuse or a door latch sensor, or both. Ordered them on Amazon. Should be here today. Will try to repair today. $20 vs $300. Might's well spin that wheel. Need to try to fix today, because today is the last day of a microwave sale at Lowes. $100 off. If the repair fails, I'm off to Lowes, lol. Hope everybody has a happy Valentine's Day, or Wednesday, whichever you prefer, lol. Be safe out there and don't eat too much chocolate.
Good morning. Happy Valentine’s Day. 28-48F, with the layers of snow slowly melting. We went shopping at 3 stores yesterday looking for particular gloves that hubby can’t find around the house. No winter gloves at all in the WalMart stores. Online? Not what he wants to pay. So he’ll have to use his other gloves or pay the price. I’m waiting for Costco to bring in garden glove 10 pack as I go through them every year.
Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hug your pets extra today, just don’t kiss a fool.
Morning all - Thursday is here and it's nearly the weekend
We're on our 2nd glorious day of sunshine and warmth, yes I know, it won't last - but I'm making the most of it - cleaned out my potting shed, I have no idea where all those flowerpots came from :O
Shopping this and more gardening this afty.

Thoughts and prayers to all in Kansas City :(

Have a good Thursday, keep warm, calm, dry and hug your loved ones - most of all smile :D
I rarely get around people let alone crowds, theres a reason why. Laptop is starting to act funny, might have to buy a new one? seems like ive been replacing lot of stuff lately. Got a new tv a week ago. old one was 15 years old and cost 1500 new one is bigger, better and cost 250,lol. We went pretty hard last night so today is mostly going to be a futz off. I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Good morning.