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contest Growdown Throwdown 2023

You agree to send your SASBE for the seeds, to PARTICIPATE and send back bulk seeds to me.

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i sent him something on january 3, but i don't think he's received it yet. unfortunately, i didn't put a tracking number on it, so i don't know. but i suppose it could take a while from france.


Arrived yesterday!
Looking forward to growing the espelette peppers next season and I love dark chocolate. Even more with peppers 😁
Thank you very much Deadpouk!
Pepper Guru - 10,160 g
Crazy Monkey - 4799g
Deadpouk - 3541g
Cold smoke - 2709g
Bou - 2188.3g
Skull biker - 600g
Simcows - 207g

Did I miss someone?
Surprisingly, most everyone's stripes looked nearly identical. If i had to say which members had the most prominent red stripes and peach coloring, it would be @Deadpouk @Crazy Monkey and myself. Since @Crazy Monkey got the King's loot spot, maybe we throw Best In Stripes to @Deadpouk ? What say everyone?
@Pepper-Guru 1 year EXTREME MEMBERSHIP for hosting and winning!
@Crazy Monkey 1 year EXTREME MEMBERSHIP for taking 2nd, or as @Pepper-Guru says, the real winner!
@Deadpouk 6 month EXTREME MEMBERSHIP for Best in Stripes!
Back from the (almost) dead. I got some more towards the end but posting here hasn’t been a priority due some mental and physical health issues. Now, do I send my seed straight to Chris? Or to Guru?
This just showed up on my doorstep.

Thanks a bunch Bou!
The sauce definitely smells deadly and I mistakenly tried a dollup on a cracker. :fireball:
I haven't heard of the rocoto quantash. Will be fun growing those with the mini-rocoto and the sweet peppers.