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contest Growdown Throwdown 2023

You agree to send your SASBE for the seeds, to PARTICIPATE and send back bulk seeds to me.

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The Hot Pepper

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The Hot Pepper

As an added bonus, there will be a potential runner up position this year for "Best In Stripes" behind the first place yield winner.

Grow the Longest Jalapeñ...oh! as a side bet to the Growdown Throwdown.
The Growdown Throwdown and the Japapeñ...oh! winners will receive Extreme memberships respectively. Best in Stripes, a 6 month membership. Good luck!
I added the link to post #1 and also quoted the other bonus contest by @Pepper-Guru in case anyone missed it! I will go ahead and add an Extreme 6 month for that winner as well!
Went away for 3 nights and 4/5 sprouted. Now comes the scary part - leaving my seedlings with my mother for 17 days as I fly to Berlin tomorrow evening!! Doing some repotting etc in the next day so they'll be all set up. I'm trying to figure out where in the house I can put my grow light for them. It's scary stuff!


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My little Jalapeno Chernobyl seedling sunbathing with the doggo. "It ain't much (yet), but it's honest work" as they say 😅