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First open flower on one of the PeppaPeach Stripey plants.

Well, nobody else seems to be posting anything here so I will! I'm pretty sure that when you see these flower petals with the cute hole in the middle it means there are pods above.


It's time to start moving them up into bigger dirt holders from the tiny 3 liter pots.


After repotting its best to give them a shot of the "good stuff". 😉

You are doing great (as usual) Biker 👌👍 Mine are just starting to produce flower buds!
Here's that odd looking pod from post #175 pretty well grown up.


And here's a top view where the hail stone mauled it.


Soon I'll need to select a plant. I don't know if it will be easier or harder to choose now that the plants are all beat to hell! If it ever quits raining I'll jack 'em again with the "brothel noise", that should give 'em a jump start. 😵‍💫