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Growing in the Pacific NorthWest Community GrowLog

There have been several yearly PNW grow logs, the last in 2017,
so @FGpepperguy and I thought it might be a good idea to start
an on-going glog for the PNW. This is a community glog, so anyone
is free to post here, whether in the PNW or not. Hopefully, this forum
thread will provide for some information sharing particular to growing
in our crazy, unpredictable weather.

So, that being said, welcome all. Don't be strangers!

"Yes, we can grow chili peppers in the
Pacific NorthWest! Usually."
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Awesome to have the great weather to finish in!
I love citrus plants, I've been a wannabee citrus grower myself, spent hundreds of euros on plants but in my growing circumstances it's just not a good idea. That's how I got into chili growing, much easier 😁


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This week, huddled under the canopy in the cold wet conditions.
The leafy plants are c. flexuosum.


These have to suffer the conditions. No room in the inn.
CCAP 524 c. chacoense and a Chiltepin almost finished
ripening berries.
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Gratuitous post....

My eyes burn, lowest dim setting [lowest light]
You swapped out your lights!
What are these new ones?

They should keep your plants happy!
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Plants are looking very sad in the cold, wet weather.
Temperatures in the low-to-mid 30’sF The past two
nights, but night temps returning to the 40’sF for the
near future.

The BOC looks awful, but is ripening some desperation
pods. Was pretty surprised to see this yesterday.

Chinenses looking pretty sad in general. The
Trippaul Threat orange v2 F4 is still pumping
out the ripe pods, but some are splitting.
Good to see them doing their best to produce as things draw toward the end. It's definitely getting to that point in the PNW. We were mid-30F's last night, so I stuffed everything remaining into the garage. It's supposed to dip down into the 20F's by the beginning of the week, so they may be there a while.


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I call the end to my outdoor plants. I went ahead and crowded my favorites that were still ripening into the small greenhouse.
Its been quite the experience messing with some of these varieties. I should down size my crop next year due to the work. I did sign
up on the seed train though.
I think I'm doomed!


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Greenhouse plants rolling right along. Lots of
red berries and the Rocopica growing like a
weed, although not setting any more berries.
Looks like about a dozen on the plant. I’ll trim
the Rocopica back, right now it stretches the
width of this pic.

Those are c. chacoense berries on the left,
and Red Tepin on the right, and Dwarf Chiltepin
on the lower right corner.

All of the greenhouse plants are filling up the
greenhouse. Almost enough room to work in it:rofl:
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These will all picked clean and trimmed for
overwintering in the next couple of days.

Volunteer c. chacoense, purple flower.

Tepin ,@pshngo. Berries under the Tepin’s canopy
are on a Chiltepín Rojo, CPI, just brought in from
the yard. It has done okay in the cold weather, but
I imagine it appreciates the warmth supplied by the
greenhouse heater.

Tepin, different angle.

Dwarf Chiltepín.

There is a c. tovari hidden back in the corner, but
I haven’t seen any ripe berries yet. Will post a pic
after I get the other plants out of the way.
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