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Growing in the Pacific NorthWest Community GrowLog

There have been several yearly PNW grow logs, the last in 2017,
so @FGpepperguy and I thought it might be a good idea to start
an on-going glog for the PNW. This is a community glog, so anyone
is free to post here, whether in the PNW or not. Hopefully, this forum
thread will provide for some information sharing particular to growing
in our crazy, unpredictable weather.

So, that being said, welcome all. Don't be strangers!

"Yes, we can grow chili peppers in the
Pacific NorthWest! Usually."
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Looking good @PaulG !!
It passes for good for the time being.
Heat is making things look a little rough
around the edges!

I had to google 100F. 38C for 4 more days, good you took precautions. We had 2 days of over 40C, and I was glad I was at home so I could move them around to keep them in the shade. I wish you good luck.
The shade cloth at least helps the plants
survive the hot spells. The 80’s and low 90’s
should be no problem for the plants after
this heat wave!
Never thought I’d see a string of 100F here
in the PNW.

Good luck with the heat. If we could just even it out a bit instead of the peaks and valleys that would sure be nice. We're supposed to peak around 95F up here, so not so bad.
That would be nice, for sure. 95F is still too hot!.
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The Tiger Jalapeño set a few pods awhile back,
but no new pods so far. The pods are a different
shape for Jalapeños, as well as being erect. This
pic from last week. The pod has already started
drying on the plant, but I don't think it is ripe.
Seed also from @Pepper Merchant.

You can see the erect pods in this pic. Hoping
this specimen picks up the pace of pod-setting.
The pod in the above pic is in the lower right corner.

Paul sorry for the late reply its been a busy summer!
The Tiger Jalapenos look on point compared to what we had last year and what is expected for the plant. As they ripen to red from purple some stripes appear. The pods that are on stems where there is heavy variegation will show more stripes on them.

Here are some photos from last year. All my pods started erect and fell as they became heavy late season.


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Having a tough time finding places for the praetermissums
and galapagoense that doesn't get too much sun. Harden-
ing off has been impossible this season.

These praetermissum are in shade except tor some sun
in the late evening. Some of the wilds, like the c. flexuosum
wilt as soon as any sun hits them.

Added the c. galapagoense a few days later.
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Don’t give up hope, Mr. @FGpepperguy. I am just
starting to see evidence of pods and berries. Even
with the heat waves, some of the wild plants have
been quietly busy, and now fruit is becoming evident.
Hoping the c. chinenses wake up soon. The Purple
Thunder F4 Mystery is the only chinense starting to
put out real pods.

What are the plants at the top of your grow space?
Also, what is the plant in the second pic? Looks like
a wild variety? All in all, I’d say your grow is looking

Hang in there, my friend!
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