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hobbies GUNS!!!!

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Post pics of your guns or guns you like



Grimus said:
What are the optics on your rem?

Its a cheapo Simmons 6.5-20x50. Not too bad though.

All told between the rifle, The B&C stock, and Simmons scope I have around $800.00 in that rifle all new

The following pic is 3 round group at 100 yards from a bench. Thats 1/4 MOA measuring center to center

not bad for $800.00 :)

The Rem. 700 is probably the most common used rifle for LE sniper applications and also in the military. Your photo shows good reason why.
Is that Rhetta approved? I reckoned you for a .45 cal cat bein' swabby and all.

Retta loves to shoot.....and wants a pistol for herself. But she's not getting this one! :cool:

I've owned two .45's and liked them very much. But this time I wanted the magazine capacity and velocity of a 9mm....coupled with the near stopping power of the .45. I absolutely love the .40S&W round.
this is a SW 686, 4" barrel, stainless steel, .357 mag and I shoot 158 grain SJHPs through it...1235 fps...I have had this gun almost 30 years and that's all the knockdown power I need...and if you haven't seed the damage a SJHP does, it is amazing...I had not shot this gun in over 5 years and went to the range 2 weeks ago and busted some caps...

here is the target....15 yards, freehand, double action...only one out of the 8 ring and most in the 9...I will take this any day of the week although it is not that tight of a grouping...


it's backup is a remington 1100 3" Magnum 12 gauge with the plug out...I keep 2 3/4 "000" buck in it...
Nice, AJ!!! :clap:

BTW, Nova....It's confirmed. 1100-1380fps is not out of the realm of a S&W M&P .40.

.....not that it matters! :rofl:

Just give me one shot. That's all I need;

*Expert Medal-9mm Beretta Pistol
*Expert Medal-M16 rifle

I gots skills. :cool:
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