Had to do it...

Had a mild frost last night and it's going to be colder tonight, so I picked a lot of peppers today. Harvest came early this year, but ended up with way more than I expected.

  • Ancho : 6lb-10oz
  • Poblano: 11lb-13oz
  • Serrano: 4lb-6oz
  • Jalapeno: 5lb-7oz




Many green habaneros still on the plant and not sure if they will make it, but managed 3oz of ripe ones. Now I gotta figure out what to do with all these things...
Hey great work there Dude, that plant looks very nicely stressed:) Lovely looking peppers too, pity about the weather...

Welcome to The Hot Pepper toooooooo, you are going to love it here:)
Can you just cover your plants with sheets everynight? Or make a frame with sticks for either plastic or sheets with a low watt light bulb inside near the soil. They would probably ripen faster that way too.
The plants are doing so well
it's hard to let them go so soon.
I was in awe as I looked at your pictures. Very impressive.
Could we see more more pictures of your plants and containers?
It looks like you have some massive plants and I want know your secrets.
Thanks guys. We get a great growing season here, but when it turns off, it's off real fast - like right now. The raised bed is 16 feet long, 4 feet wide, and three timbers deep. I only get half for my peppers, the wife gets the other for tomatoes and onions. I guess you could say we make good salsa together. :rolleyes:

More pics:



Excellent looking pods. congrats & welcome.
Hey, OH how I loved that Christmas movie with Heat Mizer too!...........much..... :)
28 degrees this morning and the plants are not happy, the first hard freeze of the year. I think I did the right thing, the pods would have been ruined.

Come on Global Warming! Burrrrrrr......
that is one of the prettiest pictures of gorgeous pods I have seen this year...

welcome to the boards from Fort Worth...
Welcome dude, and nice peppers. I sure wish my Poblanos did as well this year. I just can't make enough ancho powder
Thanks for the complements guys. This was my second year growing peppers, last year did not go so well. This year I put three yards of good riverbank soil in the raised bed and purchased some good seeds from HERE. Every single seed germinated and I had very few casualties when transplanting into the bed in the spring.

With our long hot days of summer, the plants really took off. I deep watered the soil every other evening, or if it was real hot, every evening. In July and August, most every day is 100+ degrees and it's daylight from 5:00 AM to about 9:00 PM. Plants grow like mad, until Mr. Frost shows up, then it's curtains for most.

I just can't make enough ancho powder

Me too!

I've been searching, but need help on drying some of these pods for making powder/flakes. Unfortunately, I do not have a dehydrator, but I do have an electric oven that goes down to 170 degrees. If I split them and pop them in a 170 degree oven, would that not cook them?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm surprised you had such success with seeds purchased from Reimers. They are the rip-off artists of the pepper world.

You can use an oven for dehydrating if you put it on its lowest setting and prop the oven door open a bit. You'd still be better off to buy a dehydrator if possible.
Great Photo's smokeNdude. Sorry to see the frost is starting to give you problems....

And welcome to the hot pepper from Australia
Mate, that's a real shame.

It's always sad to see them go that way, but it happens i guess.

At least you got some good chillis before it all happened...

Now you can look forward to next year.:onfire: