heat Hottest cayennes

Last year I grew mostly chinense. I ended up having some friends and family tell me that they're not really used to the chinense flavor. They wanted some killer cayennes. I kind of missed them myself so this year I'll be growing:

Charleston Hot
Thai Dragon
Ring of Fire

Did I grab the right ones or is there even hotter ones? Anybody grow the 3 that I mentioned?
I grew the ring of fire last season and it was a fair producer and typical cayenne heat...

Try the Super Cayenne II Hybrid...they are mass producers of 5-6" long cayennes with a good bite...
I've grown Thai Dragon before and it's a good producer. Similar to Cayenne, but smaller and a little less prolific imo. Cayenne, Thai Dragon and Japones are all similar, but the latter two have more flavor. They all are superb when dried and made into powder/flakes.
I'm growing Super Cayenne and Carolina Cayenne. I don't know if the Carolina is as hot as the Charleston variety.
Cap annuum longum from Monticello is very nice:

The Charleston Hot variety is pretty darn good. I've had it in the past and liked.
AJ, I almost tried Super Cayenne II Hybrid this year but ended up getting chinense varieties instead. I bet that is indeed a good pepper. I'll try it next year
chilehunter said:
what about " cobra " its a very hot cayenne type chile & prolific.
I never grew it.

heres a list I found using their search engine, for cayenne types & very hot.


as I've said before they have a great search engine for chiles, just imagine what it'd be like if thechileman ever got a decent search engine up & working!

Yeah I like the way that site is laid out and their selection. I just wish they would sell seeds too.
i was given a pod last summer that was supposed to be a vietmanese
yellow cayenne and named ho chi minh. they had great fruity taste and then kick ass heat. i seem to have not saved the seeds. i thought i had, but can't seem to find them which bums me out immensley. i would try to find out about those. good luch in your quest---bob
Last season I grew the Cayenne Super II, Charleston Hot, Cobra, Island Hellfire, Firecracker & Cayenne Long. My favorites were the Cayenne Super II Hybrid, Charleston Hot, Cayenne Long & Firecracker. The Charleston & Firecrackers were the hottest and had decent flavor.

They all produced really well but I noticed that the Charleston Hot needed more nitrogen than the other plants or the leaves would turn yellow.