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It is what it is 2023


Under extreme pressure from my peers :lol: I am reluctantly starting my 2023 glog
Haven't actually planted any seeds yet, but it won't be long before I succumb to the gentle scent of compost, the lure of germination and the excitement of seeing a sprout
I am, however, cleaning all my plant tags if that's not commitment I don't know what is
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Time for an update - lots of growing stuff, some has gone well, some not so well.
Had some bug trouble, the sacrificial borage was munched to death by some nasty creepy things, also had problems with red spider mite - think that was caused by the peppers being in the greenhouse too long in a humid atmosphere. I've got most of them now.

First up, my lovely sugar rush, which is living up to its "rush" name and galloping along with my first pepper

The KS White Thai, I didn't realise quite how tall these would get, quite a few pods on these babies

Generic photos of the rest of the family - too many to name



Since I took these photos I've given them all a dose of Epsom Salts which they seem to have appreciated and a lot of floppy, discoloured leaves have righted themselves.

I think without the various mint, dill and sage plants surrounding the peppers my bug problems could've been worse. So the companion planting is working nicely.
Looks like your harvest is well underway! What's the purple stuff in the background of the sugar rush?
OMG I am loving the peppa peach - talk about delicious and the warmth just floods my mouth, I am loving these

Anyway, to the hotties - KS Lemon burst, couldn't remember if I started any off or not, it appears that I did

And Sugar Rush Stripeys, very prolific pepper
Where did you get the KSLS from? Mine was from gifted seeds and, as is often the case with gifted ksls seeds, it grew something completely off pheno. Although the pods it grew tasted good, they were really tiny. So I tossed my plant...