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It is what it is 2023


Under extreme pressure from my peers :lol: I am reluctantly starting my 2023 glog
Haven't actually planted any seeds yet, but it won't be long before I succumb to the gentle scent of compost, the lure of germination and the excitement of seeing a sprout
I am, however, cleaning all my plant tags if that's not commitment I don't know what is
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seeds were a Christmas present from my partner, he bought them from seedplanet.com in Cyprus which has now been taken over by red dragon seeds in Wales so you'll get charged customs and all the rest of the faff now
Can send you seeds with the doux des landes seeds :D
I was just curious 😁. I still have ksls seeds from semillas that I can try, I expect those to be ok...
Did I tell you I was sick of the sight of peppers? I am, I am so over peppers :lol:
Last harvest of sweet peppers, I have no idea what these are, except they are delicious, I think the seeds were Spanish and this is 8th harvest I've had, so very prolific

These are the lovely padrons, again very prolific this year

And these are my rocotos, they caused more angst and rocking in the corner than any other pepper I've grown this year and look at what I got! Not sure if they were worth it :lol:
I did and they weren't hot at all - don't think shishito will make my top 20 favourite peppers
I do prefer the taste of the padron, it's sort of nutty and smoky, the shishito is more grassy and sweet.
I can still eat a pan-full of 'em, cooked quick in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt - heaven :D