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It is what it is 2024


So here we go again on that magnificent journey of pepper growing.
I have no definitive grow list, as per usual, so it'll be a surprise for all of us.
What I do know is, is that there will be peppers grown again.
To be continued ....
Well I'm still waiting - high winds, storms and torrential rain happened soon as I said "today is the day" - still nothing in soil, no seed compost either
but I did have a delivery of seeds that I wasn't going to buy :rofl:
whooop whoop just home from buying seed compost, blood and bone feed etc etc.
Just need some good weather, i.e. not rain and/or high winds and I'm off baby!
Unforch for me, guess what the weather report is for the next 4-5 days - yep, rain and high winds 😭

And some more chilli seeds arrived today - I'm sure I didn't order those :rofl:
here we had sunny weather and 15c yesterday and this morning, and for tonight they are calling for freezing rain, 60km/h winds and possible blizzard conditions. and next monday is forecast to be 15c again.
Exact same story over here🙄