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It is what it is 2024


So here we go again on that magnificent journey of pepper growing.
I have no definitive grow list, as per usual, so it'll be a surprise for all of us.
What I do know is, is that there will be peppers grown again.
To be continued ....
You seem to be having some problems with those seed orders, @Tinkerbelle 😉
it's more a case of "senior moments", imagine the scene - hard day working, come home tired, wet and hungry, log onto the laptop and a pepper website pops up - I mean it would be rude not to peruse the seeds wouldn't it. And in my sleepy moment before bedtime my frisky fingers click on "BUY BUY BUY" :rofl:
oh flipping heck, seedlings are popping like crazy even the reapers are coming up, they've only been in the soil 6 days - no lights set up nothing and I'm working late today, I've never had seeds in such a hurry to germinate.
It's not that I'm worried about the seeds or anything, just that I'm not prepared for this speed :lol:

Do you think turning down the thermostat will slow them a bit? Currently on 25C
You can keep them around 20°C without fear, this is the average temperature in my basement (19-21°C). They continue to grow, but their pace remains controlled!
for those who are interested, the seeds were soaked in warm mint green tea for 2 days - although I will do a proper test when I'm ready to start the annums
I'm interested. Are you keeping the tea above room temperature for the duration of the soak? I've soaked seeds on a heat mat before to keep them warm, but usually go the lazier route of room temperature and soaks not exceeding a day. Maybe I should try a longer heated soak with some of the annuum batch I'm about to drop and see how that does for me.