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Mildfruit 2022. Greenhouse edition.

Oh boy, here we go again.
I joined this lovely forum back in 2018, been a lurker much longer though. At that time I was a student living in a small apartment, trying to learn all I could about indoor growing. Mostly because I didn't have outdoor space, and when I had a hobby that demanded I grew something, I had to get creative.
I loved the control of growing indoor, and trying to create optimal growing conditions for the plants.

However, late last year I bought my first house with a garden, and fortunately I got a greenhouse as a birthday present from my girlfriend and friends.
So my dream of growing plants in a greenhouse is finally coming true!

The gear:


Unfortunately this isn't from my garden, this is the picture from the website :lol:

This is my process so far :D A picture from late January, without snow! I still need lots of work before the greenhouse is ready. I need to dig out the dirt and replace it with gravel before I lay some flagstones. This part of the garden is faced in the north/south direction so I think it will be perfect.

Luckily I have lots of people to help me, so I have no doubt that the greenhouse will be ready before mid May, which is the usual time to transplant plants into the greenhouse in my country.

In my last glog I experimented with autopots, and I liked them so much that I have bought additional autopots for the greenhouse, and a big 225L (59.5gallons) water reservoir.

I also experimented with diffrent kinds of fertilizer over the years, mostly kinds that where designed for hydroponics or coco choir. This year I will try soil so I had to find a new source for fertilizers. I went with a danish product called 'Hornum Gødning koncentrat'. Its a fertilizer made in the national research station for professional use, and as a total newbie in a greenhouse environment its a match made in heaven :halo:


Jalapeno Lemon SpicePlantekasse.dk
Jalapeno Craigs grandePlantekasse.dk
Murupi AmarelaPlantekasse.dk
F2 Dutch chili x Ancho poblanoOwn cross
Cayenne OrangePlantekasse.dk
White bhut (White W strain)Whitehotpeppers.com
T-Rex YellowWhitehotpeppers.com
De ArbolPlantekasse.dk
Ancho PoblanoFataliiseeds.net
Golden MarconiSemillas.de
Grenada SeasoningWhitehotpeppers.com

I am growing some of the same plants as last year, but with a change in vendor. Also some new varieties.

Besides peppers I am also growing some cucumbers, tomatoes and a single Pineapple cherry plant.
Its been really hard to settle on the growlist above, I know you all know the struggle. So there might be a slight last minute change :P

The seeds will properly hit the dirt in the next few days.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me 🤞
Good work @Mildfruit - The hard part is done.
Now you can focus on structure. Building it is
the fun part!
Indeed, can't wait till we begin. First we need to order a lot of gravel and put down some slabs, then the fun can begin!

In other news, my backup plants have begun to germinate, those include Big Yellow mama, KSLSB, Scotch Bonnet and Schneider Farms. Still waiting patiently for my white ghost and pimenta de neyde.
Back home again, and wow. Half of the annuums are growing so quickly.
Im currently bottomfeeding the plants but it seems my soil mix acts as a sponge, so the hole pot is pretty wet, may have to do some adjustments in the watering department.

IMG_0677 2.jpeg

The T-rex is taking its sweet time. But growing!

IMG_0680 2.jpeg

Here's one of the more reasonably annuums, De Arbol, growing in a great pace. I changed vendor for this seed, last year I grew it from fataliiseeds and they didn't have much heat. Hopefully this year will be better.

IMG_0678 2.jpeg

My fastest chinense, grenada seasoning from whitehotpeppers.

IMG_0679 2.jpeg

The tree plants in the top of this photo are the fast growing annuums I was talking about. Only one of the grows a bit too fast for its own good, the one on the left Cayenne Orange, I think its a bit leggy.
The plant in the top is Craigs Grande Jalapeno, and the one on the right is the Golden Marconi from Semillas.de.


Here's my Murupi Amarela, currently getting some support to stand up straight.


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The foliage on your 'tree plants' looks for all the world like
my baccatum or pubescens plants. Mostly the baccatums.

So far overall, things are going great. I have some issues but nothing to worry much about.
The white Bhut seeds from whitehotpeppers have not germinated, and those who did, suddenly stopped growing :( So I guess I won't be able to grow that variety this year, but in whitehotpeppers defence, the seeds were pretty old, 3-4 years old.


Heres all the plants (so far), I have for the first time taken them outside. The weather right now is 13 degrees celcius, but with very little wind and direct sun. I think it will be good for them to get some wind and get shaken a bit.


I have not topped plants in a few years, its really not been necessary, but the orange cayenne was getting really leggy. Hopefully a more bushy plant will emerge from "this"..


Murupi Amarela, some of the new leafs are not developing correctly. I suspect overwatering as the culprit. The soil mix I have made is really really good at absorbing water. I may have to reduce the amount of vermiculite when I make the final transplants.


Not really a pepper, this is my first Physalis peruviana, but I just wanted to show how much I appreciate the ability to go outside and repot my plants. Feels great!


Grenada seasoning. Still the fastest growing c. chinense plant. Where im from the chinense plants don't get much appreciation as the most known in this category is the habanero and the reaper. Both way too hot for most people to enjoy. But hopefully I can convince family and friends that these peppers are more than just heat.


This is my Lemon spice.

Here is the newest recruits. From the top:
Pimenta de neyde
Yellow Mama
Fantasy sparkly white.
This will be the last plants I grow this season, I still haven't decided which will go into my greenhouse in the autopots and which will go into a normal pot in the house. Time will tell I guess.

T-Rex yellow.

Lastly I'll finish my occupation outside the country next week. Hopefully after that I get some time to process the building of the greenhouse!


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The greenhouse is starting to take shape. The weather is still quite moody. The two next pictures is taken one hour apart.


The plants are starting to grow impatient. I have certainly learned that annuums should be sown a month later than what I was doing :P

T-rex yellow

Pimenta de neyde, as many of the chinense varieties its a slow grower.

The plant in the middel is my orange cayenne. I topped it last week, and new leafs have emerged, I hope it will recover.

I have 4 windows filled with plants so far. And I just started some tomatoes and cucumbers as well.. So I hope the greenhouse will be done in the next few weeks :)
Short update.
Yesterday we finally casted the foundation in cement. We also dug out a lot of dirt and laid a cable so I can have electricity in the greenhouse, because why not :).

This picture was taken halfway, we dug approximately twice as deep as pictured here.

The weather is terrible at the moment. So the plant gang gets some indoor sun instead :).
Your kitty seems to have taken over the dirt piles 😂

Really digging your greenhouse job! Will be interest-
ed to see how the foundation works.

You will be glad you ran the electricity to the greenhouse!
Your kitty seems to have taken over the dirt piles 😂

Really digging your greenhouse job! Will be interest-
ed to see how the foundation works.

You will be glad you ran the electricity to the greenhouse!
I think so too, at least it makes it easier to set up some monitoring devices someday ☺️

Sick plant or just worried plant parent?
This is my murupi amarela

I’ve grown this variety many times and often tend to toss it due to fear of spreading infection to other plants. I’ve even sourced the seeds from different vendors and these spots always happens for this variety. Now I’m wondering if I’m just over worrying?
@Mildfruit - those affected leaves couldn’t have
been helping the plant much. Better to let the
healthy leaves carry the load, IMHO. Plant better
off now 👍
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@Mildfruit - those affected leaves couldn’t have
been helping the plant much. Better to let the
healthy leaves carry the load, IMHO. Plant better
off now 👍

Can't beat that logic, I think you are right indeed. Hopefully it will recover, I managed to grow one or two pods 3 years ago.

And a closer look at these leafs also show some of the same black spots. Nevertheless those pods tasted great, here's a copy of my earlier review:
So I took a bite, and before the heat took over, I sensed honey melon, a hint of peach and ofc the general chinense smell. It had a very clean and surprisingly good sweet taste. But it was also very hot, really good pepper, I'll rate the heat as maybe 2/3 of habanero heat, but its hard to tell.
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I don't get to help much around here as a total noob, but if it makes you feel better, I did pinch off some similar looking leaves on this plant (nubs are circled), and, as you can see, it's looking pretty darned healthy!
Great to hear! and it does help so thanks for that!

new spots have emerged on two other leafs as well

Im keeping it isolated for now and see how it develops.