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Mildfruit 2023


Here we go!
Can't believe I created my first glog back in 2018, back then it was all about indoor hydroponics in a small tent. Now it's in a greenhouse, and this year I don't have to build it! :P

This year I will also be monitoring the greenhouse more intensely. I have installed a greenhouse "computer", a device monitoring temperature, humidity, and lux levels. All this will be accessible on my phone, so hopefully, I can use this data to improve the plant environment further. I will also use this to monitor soil water levels in plants not in autopots. Handy to be able to check on the phone if plants need water :D

I will also be collecting rain water, as opposed of using tap water, as were I live the water is rather hard. Hopefully this will make a difference, at least it will be cheaper :halo:

Anyway, this year I will live up to my username, most plants will be rather mild.
This list is subject to change.

Quadrato d’Asti Giallo XL pot Yellow bell pepper
Thunder Cacho Brown
Spanish Giant XL pot Red Bell pepper
Jalapeno El jefe
Chilhuacle Negro
Candy Cane
F3 Dutch chili x PoblanoOwn seed stockFirst cross.
De ArbolOwn seed stock
Peruvian Giallo AranciaOwn seed stockOld favorite
Pimentos de gernika (Padron pepper)
F1 Murupi x pimenta de NeydOwn seed stock.
The maybe list:
Cajun Belle
Jalapeno Mammoth

I began my pepper journey today planting seeds of the Habanada pepper and Canario. Being c. chinense and c. pubescent respectively, they could use a little headstart.
The rest will be planted in two weeks' time.

I wish you all a great growing season🌶️🌶️🌶️
Way to dive into the 2023 season @Mildfruit!

Nice list of players. I'm curious to see how well the Thunder Cacho Brown maintains the pod and plant characteristics of the basic TML. That could be a cool one!
Thanks CaneDog! It's certainly more aimed at medium to low-heat scale peppers, but I found myself often admiring the superhots more in terms of looks, than in actual usage. Hopefully, I won't miss them too much.
The Cacho Brown is a cross made by another Danish grower called Jes Christensen - im also looking forward to a long brown pepper :).
Skærmbillede 2023-02-28 kl. 08.53.27.png

wow blue seeds - love 'em!
Now I wish they all came this way :D

I had green seeds once and someone told me then, that it was probably some kind of anti-fungal stuff
That was my thought as well or some kind of preserving the seeds maybe.
Seeds with coatings are usually made for professional horti/agri culture. The coating can have many purposes.
Fungicides, insecticides or a vast array of biological amendments like specific nutrients or beneficial microbes/fungi or even root stimulants etc. Also the coating makes for non clumping seeds wich is needed for automated sowing machines. Modern corn, wheat and especially soy beans can have more than 30 different layers of coating.
The seeds used for this are carefully selected and tested for germination rate, so you should have good germination rates! Visited a seed selection company once and they selected their seeds in some sort of wind tunnel, only the big
heavy seeds made it to the end of the machine and the rest was discarded or probably ended up at the consumers market or something. 😁
Great with some knowledge to enlighten the rest of us! Great to know they probably have great germination rates - already looking forward to some big jalapeños!

Also think it's fitting that I know can brag about having "professional agri culture prepared seeds" :D Would totally use that if I sold seeds.
I've also seen pepper seed mixes color-coded to differentiate between varieties, like THIS, for example.
Great way to mix seeds but taking out the luck factor when growing them out. Now I wish I could coat them myself :)
Bad news everyone...
Everything has germinated, so I will have to make some tough choices down the line. Perhaps my cat will knock down a plant or two in the next few weeks, one can only hope.


My own cross last season was Murupi Amarela x Pimento de neyde. And while it's still too early to conclude anything, I have noticed the seedlings have a great anthocyanin response, both stem and leaves which may indicate a successful cross. Seeds were taken from the Murupi plant.

I only had one tripod this season. This was Jalapeño mammoth

Lastly is a fussy picture from the only c.pubescense plant called Canario from semillas.
Nice pics, MF. Your Murupi x PdN cross shows great promise!
So far so good! Can't wait to see how the true leaves turn out.

This was long overdue. I had my plants in grodan cubes for 19 days, without any nutrients. No wonder they grew so slow..
Now I finally came around to plant them into some quality soil. Last year I was too cheap to buy good soil, so I ended up getting all different kinds of pests. This year I bought something called Champost, pretty expensive, but claims to be good. I guess time will tell :=).

I also managed to cut my peppers down from 18 to 17, but I need to cut that number down to 15.


I also noticed a fun grow pattern in this Cajun Belle seedling. I've had plants grow this way before, seems like a harmless mutation.

Murupi x pimenta de neyde F1
Seems like the true leaves also react to the sun by turning purple. So far the only one in the tent to do so. Some plants have this anthocyanin response without it necessary meaning anything in the pods later on. But I sure hope its because the cross was successful. Guess time will tell :)
Finally, things are beginning to grow. I like the stage after the first two or tree set of true leafs, as this often kickstarts the plant in the grow stage.
Here are the plants enjoying some real sunlight. Today was particular hot inside the greenhouse, perfect for small seedlings :)

Even with two weeks headstart the Canario sure takes its time. #fuzzy

Seems like my attempted cross will be a plant with darker foliage (murupi x pimenta de neyde). Wonder how the fruit will turn out :)

Lastly I have a de Gernika plant, a type of padron pepper (used in tapas) that may have a grow defect. Or perhaps the intense sun/grow light is too much for it. It keeps turning its only leaf over. I hope it will resolve it self over time..
Skærmbillede 2023-03-26 kl. 17.11.12.png

I hope the spring is also beginning in your gardens :)
Looks like you have better weather currently... the last couple of days we only get rain here...

Same here, rain only. How come Denmark gets all the sun?

Haha this rare sunny day does not represent how the weather has been lately. I think roughly 85% of the "sun" my plants have been getting have been artificial unfortunately...

Here's the proof :D "I dag" means today, and have been a rare sight, whole next week should be back to the same miserable grey gibberish...
Skærmbillede 2023-03-26 kl. 17.47.27.png
We've gotten a few of those glorious spring-like days here too. They've been great, but it will be some time before they become the norm.

Really cool foliage coloration on your murupi de neyde. I'm excited to see what the pods will look like on this one.

Hopefully they will arrive soon, I feel this spring is so gray and wet. We did however have 2 days with full sun in a row, so maybe things are changing?

The leaves looks very similar to Pimento de neyde, maybe a bit less "sun tanned", but definitely more than the mother plant.

Another sunny day, the plants are basking in the sun. I still feel they are a bit behind growwise, as they are now 1 month old. That's a lesson for next year, don't forget the nutrients :D
I just arrived back from a weeklong vacation in Spain, so naturally I was excited to see how the plants managed, while I was away.

I had my grow tent do a 16 hour light cycles, and enough water to last them 3-4 days. I had a family member water them again after 3 days, and was told everything was thriving.

Unfortunately, the person closed the door in the grow room, witch made the temperature and humidity sky rocket.

So the plants I returned to was a sad sight. All plants are showing symptoms of edema and other environmental issues as high light intensity and such.


My De gernika plant is among the worst, I just repotted it here, I hope it can make a great comeback!


Here's my habanada plant, you can see the leafs close up, probably due to light and temperature/humidity.

Canario plant, still a very small plant but didnt have the leaf loss issues as some other plants had fortunately.


Also a plant trying to turn away from the light.


Some good news at last :D My possible murupi amarela x pimenta de neyde cross are really getting dark. Never seen this in Murupi plants before so probably from the other parent :)

I guess this shows you can't always have a smooth season, I now have the challenge to try and turn this around. I hope I succeed :D


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Those plants will return to good health in no time! They just need some tender loving care!
Murupi cross looking very promising! 👍
Luckily you were right!

All the affected plants are starting to look significantly better!



The worst plant was De gernika, but seems to getting better.

Habanada had most of the leafs closed up, its also looking better

And lastly Canario.

Just 3 more weeks before they get into their final (auto)pots in the greenhouse, I like to think both me and the plants look forward to that.
I know 100% my GF looks very forward to getting all these plants out of the house for good lol :D
Just some pictures of some of the other plants. I still haven't decided which 2 peppers I will have to cut off, I guess im still wondering if I can fit them somewhere in the house :)

Cajun Belle.

Candy Cane, another striped pepper type from fataliiseeds.

By far the tallest plant, Thunder Cacho Brown. I guess with peppers so long, the plant itself needs to be tall.

Quadrato d’Asti Giallo, a yellow bell pepper, one of the plants to get into the 15L pots this year, most are in 8L pots.

Here is Chilhuacle Negro just before I repotted it.

Around half the plants are beginning to set flowers faster than I can get to them :p
Just a quick update. Around half of the plants are beginning to set flowers :)

My biggest plant is still the Thunder Cacho Brown, as you can see the stem from plant to flower share a similar trait with the pods, its really long :p

Freshno, I think this was my slowest growing annuum but it's been growing crazy fast the last couple of weeks, also with a soon-to-be-open flower.

It may be a bit tough to see here, due to the other plants standing so close, but I really like how Cajun Belle have developed, I hope it will give me lots of pods aswell.

My almost dead De Gernika plant are slowly recovering. Its grow habit is also a bit strange, the stem starts of thin, then almost like it fuses into two branches. I may have to get a better picture than this, but at least it's living.

Top left: Canario, Top right: Murupi x De Neyde F1
Bottum: Habanada


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Phew, what a day! I replanted into final containers today and wow, that took way longer than I remember :D

A little over 3 hours, mixing soil, writing nameplates, and of course repotting all the plants.
Hopefully my hard work will pay off, and the autopots should after 10 days begin to water all the plants automatically.

Below is the mixing station. This year I went with 4 15L pots instead of the normal 8.5L pots. Two of these will be used for tomatoes, but the other two will house Spanish Giant (Big red bell pepper) and Quadrato D'asti Giallo (a yellow bell pepper).

As mentioned, after 3 hours 😅 These two pictures will hopefully be the before-part in the before and after pictures when everything have grown big.


Lastly I finally have my first flower opening! Freshno takes the lead

I also noticed some weird growth from my de Gernika plant. It also didn't get repotted today, it was one of my smallest plants, and didn't really bounce back the way I hoped after the earlier accident. Here are some fused leaves.

I hope everyone are beginning to feel some summer vibes! ☀️