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Mildfruit 2023


Here we go!
Can't believe I created my first glog back in 2018, back then it was all about indoor hydroponics in a small tent. Now it's in a greenhouse, and this year I don't have to build it! :P

This year I will also be monitoring the greenhouse more intensely. I have installed a greenhouse "computer", a device monitoring temperature, humidity, and lux levels. All this will be accessible on my phone, so hopefully, I can use this data to improve the plant environment further. I will also use this to monitor soil water levels in plants not in autopots. Handy to be able to check on the phone if plants need water :D

I will also be collecting rain water, as opposed of using tap water, as were I live the water is rather hard. Hopefully this will make a difference, at least it will be cheaper :halo:

Anyway, this year I will live up to my username, most plants will be rather mild.
This list is subject to change.

Quadrato d’Asti Giallo XL pot Yellow bell pepper
Thunder Cacho Brown
Spanish Giant XL pot Red Bell pepper
Jalapeno El jefe
Chilhuacle Negro
Candy Cane
F3 Dutch chili x PoblanoOwn seed stockFirst cross.
De ArbolOwn seed stock
Peruvian Giallo AranciaOwn seed stockOld favorite
Pimentos de gernika (Padron pepper)
F1 Murupi x pimenta de NeydOwn seed stock.
The maybe list:
Cajun Belle
Jalapeno Mammoth

I began my pepper journey today planting seeds of the Habanada pepper and Canario. Being c. chinense and c. pubescent respectively, they could use a little headstart.
The rest will be planted in two weeks' time.

I wish you all a great growing season🌶️🌶️🌶️
Skærmbillede 2023-05-14 kl. 21.04.50.png

Today we broke into >40 degrees celcius (104 FH) in the Greenhouse, luckily the plants took it without much hassel. Perhaps I should get some fans hmm..

Habanada a few days after transplant, with new growth already.

Canario have also begun a growth sprout after transplanting. Really looking forward to purple flowers this year.

This picture was not taken on the 40 degrees day, but here is my biological aphid killer. So far no aphids 😎

Freshno with lots of pollen, hopefully pods will soon emerge.

D'Asti to the left in a 15L pot. To the right is Peruvian Giallo Arancio witch is an old favorite of mine, I haven't grown it in a few seasons, so I hope it can hold up to my own hype.

This fellow was simply called Guajillo

Cajun Belle, also flowers full of pollen :)

Chilhuacle Negro. A classic chocolate brown pepper known for its uses in mole sauces. Really excited for this one.
Finally some pod(s) time!

Candy Cane. This plant should show some stripes, and some are beginning to show. This was the biggest pod so far.

Thunder Cacho Brown are also podding up! It's fun to see day for day, the growth of the long slender pods.

Cajun Belle's first pod. Not the shape I thought it would take, but there's still time to change I guess :)


D'asti to the left and Peruvian Arancio to the right. They are getting big. No pods on the Peruvian yet, but a small one has begun on D'asti


First Jalapeño at the hybrid plant El Jefe. Still a little baby.

Lastly is a picture of my Habanada plant, I do like the grow pattern from chinense plants.


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