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Mildfruit 2023


Here we go!
Can't believe I created my first glog back in 2018, back then it was all about indoor hydroponics in a small tent. Now it's in a greenhouse, and this year I don't have to build it! :P

This year I will also be monitoring the greenhouse more intensely. I have installed a greenhouse "computer", a device monitoring temperature, humidity, and lux levels. All this will be accessible on my phone, so hopefully, I can use this data to improve the plant environment further. I will also use this to monitor soil water levels in plants not in autopots. Handy to be able to check on the phone if plants need water :D

I will also be collecting rain water, as opposed of using tap water, as were I live the water is rather hard. Hopefully this will make a difference, at least it will be cheaper :halo:

Anyway, this year I will live up to my username, most plants will be rather mild.
This list is subject to change.

Quadrato d’Asti Giallo XL pot Yellow bell pepper
Thunder Cacho Brown
Spanish Giant XL pot Red Bell pepper
Jalapeno El jefe
Chilhuacle Negro
Candy Cane
F3 Dutch chili x PoblanoOwn seed stockFirst cross.
De ArbolOwn seed stock
Peruvian Giallo AranciaOwn seed stockOld favorite
Pimentos de gernika (Padron pepper)
F1 Murupi x pimenta de NeydOwn seed stock.
The maybe list:
Cajun Belle
Jalapeno Mammoth

I began my pepper journey today planting seeds of the Habanada pepper and Canario. Being c. chinense and c. pubescent respectively, they could use a little headstart.
The rest will be planted in two weeks' time.

I wish you all a great growing season🌶️🌶️🌶️
#1 We use a lot of dried guajillo. Heat is usually absent, or barely noticeable. #2 I add them to just about any tomato sauce, even (Italian style) pasta.
Oh that's reassuring, I guess they are just as they are supposed to be then. Thanks for clearing that up!

I grew them last season & fell in love with them.
Roasted, skin removed there sweet like sugar.
Dried slow & low seed in, they make some sweet flavorful salsas & Moles.
Mmm, I get hungry just thinking about it. Okay you guys convinced me, they are not so bad!
Okay now I finally got a ripe (I think) pepper from my F1 cross.
Murupi Amarela (white chinense) x Pimento de Neyde (purple).
So seems like it mixed roughly 50/50 from each parent in the phenotype.
The pod is strongly purple, but ripens to white in those parts not facing the sun. The purple color starts off almost black, and when ripens it goes to a brighter color purple.


When cut open, the white part truly shows.

A obligatory oil pic...

The smell is not that strong. I can sense the classic chinense smell, but not in an overpowering way, as a habanero often is. More like faintly, but pleasant.
A funny thing is the heat does not linger for very long. Or as I'm writing this I can still sense the heat, but not in an I'm-dying-slowly kinda way as a superhot would. It is still very hot, on pair with its murupi parent.
The taste is very sweet and "tropical" as the murupi, but only for a short while until the heat kicks in.

As mentioned before, I'm probably rather biased regarding this cross. 😉

I also had the time today to cut open a lot of my ripe fruit, and into the dehydrator it went!

Looking forward to recreating my stash of dried peppers, I used all from last year.
Nice looking pepper MF! Sounds like it tastes pretty good as well. Good job. Looking forward to what the next generation looks/tastes like.
Last day of my vacation but I was lucky and had some new ripe fruit in the greenhouse.

This time it's Chilhuacle Negro.
It's rated to be between 1200-2000 Scoville from the vendor website.
It's not a common pepper in my parts of the world, but google tells me it's often used in Mexican mole sauces and is often dried.

Im not sure if the picture captures the pod's brown color, but it looks beautifully brown.
The smell is also great and inviting, not at all as fruity and bell-peppery as the guajillo. But not bad at all.

The taste was really good, but I quickly found out why it's often dried. The skin was hard to bite through. But what a pleasant taste and perfect heat level for my family's cooking needs. The heat was a bit less than a standard jalapeño. Can't wait to get it in the dehydrator!
Some processing pictures.

I have changed strategy this time around, instead of grinding them right after drying I've sealed them in airtight bags. I found some of the powder went bad before I could get to it. This way I can grind powder as I need it.


Some of the peppers that surprised me are the Cajun Belle, they look like miniature bell peppers (as seen next to the powder) but they have some kick and the taste is great! I have also included my F1 cross, not in the powder, but in the picture just to show how white some pods are getting.

Some ripe Cacho Browns, also went strait into the dehydrator.

Lastly my first pod from bell pepper Quadrato DīAsti Giallo. Great taste and lots of big pods on the plant, can recommend it!
What a season. I am starting to get a bit burned out by all the processing. Not trying to humble brag, but damn there are always some ripe peppers to collect.

Finally, the last pepper to ripen did so yesterday. Peruvian Giallo Arancio.

I dug up my old review from 2019:
As a fresh pepper it's wonderful to bite into, the heat is not too much about a medium pepper, a bit milder than the SRP. As previously mentioned, im pretty sensitive to the soapy taste in some baccatums. This pepper don't have that, its pretty juicy and have a fruity and solid pepper taste. It was advertised that this in dried form (see next picture) would have a coffee aroma, which I can't recognize. It is however really great in fish dishes!

And it's still true today. Great pepper! Wonderful aroma, no soapy taste (it is present in unripe form however) and taste is perfect, all combined in one little compact package.


Here is a peek to some dried Chilhuacle Negro. The outer skin turns to a mustard color, while the inside is brown/blackish.

Another day of processing. I should get a bigger dehydrator 🤔
Oh I forgot..
I also grew some spanish giants this season. I had high expectations for these, size-wise. I also used a 15L pot to give the best conditions I could.



Unfortunately, I didn't win any records this year, but a fun grow, and if I grow them again I can compete with myself haha.
They tasted great, sweet, and full of taste compared to most bought bell peppers, at least where I live.

The plant didn't produce as much as I had hoped, but I guess a lot of energy goes into producing these pods.

Now I will enjoy the rest of the time left this season, I guess the weather will change soonish
Hope you all had a great season!