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Natural Born Basterds

This GLOG will be dedicated to some hybrids of interest that have emerged from my pepper garden since 2020. I plan to follow them at least until F3 to see if they are worth it. Please note that no seeds will be shared at this time. Let's grow!


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Let's not lose track of these 2. They're the best looking in my opinion. I know, I'm shallow. But I like the cut of their jib.


Those are the most velvety leaves I've ever seen on a pepper plant.

I've grown several plants with killer foliages in the last few years. Unfortunately a pitch black plant or a plant with unusual coloration doesn't always equal greatness in terms of productivity, taste, etc in the end. For example, the Naga Smooky Rainbow is among my all-time favorite when it comes to pure beauty (among non variegated crosses) but I wont grow it again because it did not fit with what I'm looking for (small pods with bland flavor IMO...). That's why I consider the overall look of a pepper plant to be a nice bonus only!
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DOx F3 and GJMx F2 recovering nicely from repotting.



Pay no attention to the larger greenish seedling (Tasmanian Black), it somehow snuck into the photo!

Edit: I just noticed that I had accidentally inserted a GJMx into the DOx bin (I have only 9 DOx vs 10 GJMx seedlings!) so I took new pictures and replaced them 🙄 😬


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Not been very active lately on my GLOGS as my work load is crazy and will be untill Halloween, at least. Anyway there wasn't much to show or talk about since the shitty weather took its toll over my raised beds, including other veggies too.... I should be able to post some stuff soon as pods are starting to ripen. In the meantime, here's a few pictures so you don't start to think that I am a quitter 😅


Plants are throwing many different shapes, but this is the one I like the most. This cross also tends to produce malformations as I have strange looking pods on 3 plants so far. All plants are bushy, very productive and dark purple almost black. More pictures for my "Garden oddities" thread in the making!





Not much to say about this one for now. Pods look just average and so is the production up to now. Nothing unusual here, the real magic should appear next season at F2. If not it will be the end for this one!


DOx F3

Shapes are everywhere, but I see some here and there that have features that I like from the last generation. The picture below is one among many, some are very blocky, others are rounder while some are Chupetinho-like but on steroids if you can figure! Production is also very decent, but they do take time to mature. Will update with more pictures when I start harvesting.



I think this one will be cool. Shapewise many pods are growing like F0 fruits, with some sort of tri-lobed underside. These pictures are not very good but it should help you understand what I am trying to describe.


Las week I tasted the first ripe pod and the tiny mofo caught me off guard; it sure looked like nothing but ended being wayyyy hotter than expected! Damn...

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Time for an update:


These ripen to a dark caramel/light brown color. Some fruits are star shaped (which is pretty cool!) and they are thin walled. High heat level here with a 1-2 punch in your face solid mouth burn!

I have another plant going (green foliage) producing elongated + slender pods that will possibly ripen to red but I'm not sure yet. To be continued...!





Even though the first pod was brown, all subsequent pods turned red. The plant is very bushy and is very vigorous. Interesting detail I found while processing the fruits: some have a pink/purple tainted line on the placenta. It's discreet and therefore difficult to capture with the camera. Plus, I just noticed the focus was shitty...oh well 🤦‍♂️ I will watch closely for this trait in subsequent generations; having a brown fruit with purple placenta growing on a dark plant would be fucking awesome (I'm asking a lot, I know!!).

Heat wise, they are hot but strangely not as hot as the little brown mofo (runt) I ate a few weeks ago and not near the BOGx either!




Those look awesome, Bou! I was thinking as I scrolled my way down that I'd love to see a picture of them sliced open and - bam! :)T
Thanks bro!
Love seeing some new hybrids out there. There are some seriously cool pheno's in that lot. Nice work!!!
Thanks @Trippa we'll see what Mother Nature has in store for them in the years to come!