raised-bed Need cool ideas for raised beds!

thats what they pay me the big bucks for.... wait...I am retired so who is going to pay me...

I think I will just think of it as "Paying it Forward"...
Here's how I did my raised beds. I built four 4'x8'x20" raised beds with 4"x4" corner and side posts. On one side of each bed I just left the corner posts 8ft tall for the trellis. I also put two 4' boards across the middle to prevent bowing from the heavy soil.They're working great so far. My backyard is long and narrow and the grade runs right down the middle, so I had to make the inner corner posts a bit taller so the beds would be level.





This is how I did mine

I had a table and chairs in there last year. It was a great spot to have dinner and drinks. The bare spot on the right with the pots had beans and some other crap that was done when I took the pic. This year it will be pure peppers. 20 varieties and 2 plants each. I don't know if I'll plant grass between it and the sidewalk or more peppers. Also going to try and grow some creeping thyme between the stones.
I forgot to reply till now, but I talked to my friend who works at a lumberyard. All wood in the US is now pressure treated with copper. No more arsenic in anything you buy new. In fact here in TX all treated wood has to be stamped with markings that verify that it is non-toxic.

You can use pressure treated wood with no worries about eating from your plants. Next year I plan on making my garden plot raised as well.
Yeah, and maybe some used toilets instead of pots. You could have a whole bathroom theme! :rofl:

A lady up my street has a crapper in her front yard with plants in it. Ill try to get a pic after work today... :crazy:

BTW those raised bed look like they worked out pretty good for u. Nice!!