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hobbies New aquarium!

The water changes finally caught up to the nitrite production! I ought to be able change the water only every other day now.
Yep, exactly. The nickname threw me off. I thought maybe you got tired of waiting for the fish and got yourself a new pup.

We'd like a third, but these two jokers are plenty. Charlie's only two years old, besides. Gotta space 'em out more than that. I couldn't lose more than one in any short space; it would break me.
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Yep, exactly. The nickname threw me off.

We call them by lots of names.

Frankie Donuts:
Frankie Too Much
Frankie Spanky
Frankie Doodle
Frankenstein (for whom she was actually named)

Charlie Beans:
Baby Bear
Big Bad Bitch

They're both, "bubbas," which has devolved from, "puppies," over the 17 years since we rescued our first doggo.
So.. I lamented my stalled cycle to my vendor and he says just go:

To be honest, I never worry about cycling tanks when adding juveniles. The volume of water is so massive compared to the amount of waste the fish would be able to produce.

Dogma is insidious. He's right, of course - I've been stacking mattresses worried about a pea when these little guys would most likely not notice a bowling ball. Looks like I'll finally be ordering this week. Happy to be getting the fish, but still feel defeated.

When I first started keeping fish, I'd draw water for changes into buckets and Prime the buckets before moving the water into the tank for fear of chlorine. I eventually got tired of the extra step and just started adding Prime directly to the tank before refilling. It's always worked fine.