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Noodle thread

Didn't see one and I noticed their are some people making their own Noodles so hope theirs going to be more interest. Gonna make some Noodles from scratch this weekend.
Linguine Alfredo, kind ove.
Squid ink noodles and leftover clam chowder from this months Throwdown, topped with Blue Cheese and added more Dried Yellow Habaneros.
I tried to make a Cajun style shrimp stir fry, this was a new dish I made up as I went along and I have to say it was good. I want to make the sauce thicker and add a little more heat but overall it was good and everyone enjoyed it.
The Cajun part came from using Old Bay which is crawfish boil without salt. The sauce was butter, evoo, a potato starch slurry and grated Parm. I think some heavy cream would kick it up to that silky sauce. I'll try this again and post the recipe when I think it's perfect.