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It's on again!  Northwest Chilefest Chileheads Campout at the Kanaskat-Palmer State Park
September 14-16, 2018
This is a week later than we normally get together.  Lots of campsites still available right now.  Several people have other things scheduled the 2nd weekend of September, so we're getting together the 3rd weekend.  Weather is still good in September, and if there are burn bans in the summer, they are usually lifted by mid-September.
The rest of the info is the same.  We get campsites in the #24-#27 area, and a couple people have dibs on the 2 yurts across from the bathrooms.  We'll have lots of room and some big picnic tables for the Saturday potluck at the double yurt site.
If anyone wants a yurt, it should be booked soon.  I already have campsite #25. 
Also, some of us are staying extra days just for a more relaxing weekend.  I'm coming in Thursday and staying to Monday.  I think Crusher and Hawkeye are planning on extra days. 
Those who live in the greater Seattle area are welcome to day-trip.  Come on out Friday evening, all day Saturday, or Sunday.  Sunday morning is breakfast and Bloody Marys and we usually have an antenna and TV set up for the Seahawks game.   
It's a family friendly event and the state park is a great place for kids.
Please post here with questions and comments.  Let us know who's coming, let's talk food, and other details.
:dance:  Always fun!


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GoHawks!!!! Thanks, Hawkeye!
salsalady said:
I brought it up to my wife but we're going to canada in july. One expensive trip per year is all we can swing.
U no brought it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am way too far away and dont travel well.  But I gotta throw in my opinion that this is an incredible idea.  Not only does it save tons of money on hotels where most events take place, there is something about chil and camping.  Maybe its a cowboy thing, but I LOVE it.
The Hot Pepper said:
U no brought it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No i really did. I went inside earlier and said "hey babe, lets go to seattle in september". Her exact response was "are you crazy?! We're going to canada in july! Thats gonna be expensive enough! And you wanna go to seattle to hang out with all your hot pepper friends that you've never even met?! Yea that sounds like alot of fun for me!". True story. Lol
The Hot Pepper said:
Maybe she really thought it would be fun
She hates camping too. She grew up in the city in Taiwan so she's not exactly the outdoors type. She can do RVs but absolutely no tents. EVER :rolleyes:
The state park has yurts.  Beds with mattresses, a futon for a couch or another bed, lights, windows with screens, door with a lock (to keep the raccoons out) and a heater.  Indoor plumbing with flush toilets in the bath house....
okay, maybe don't mention the raccoons......
as far as hanging out with people you haven't met, well, you are on THP so that counts as having met.  Besides, once you are there, then we've met!  There've been others that just showed up having been invited by someone and they've come back every year.
Have secured yurt 19 for three days - 14,15 and 16th.
Decided I've missed too much Sunday fun the past
several trips!  
Cool, Paul!  More for the Seahawks game!  
I booked Yurt 20 just to make sure we have it for chileheads.  We'll sort out who's staying there later. 
Thanks to Ann showing me the glory that is heathotsauce.com I will have a plethora of sauces to share at NWCF this year. Finishing up wedding planning and all that goes with it, but we will be booking our spots to join the group next month. Here is a photo of one of the over stuffed cabinets of yet to be opened sauces.


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