event NW Campout Sept 14-16, 2018

Chili done
Sauerkraut done
Steak/burger sauce ready to go
Wasabi mustard done
Chipotle mustard done

RV still at the fix-it shop!!! Aaagh! All it needed was a tune up.

Laundry (mostly) done
Shopping list done...But not paid for yet..Ouch!
Sounds like you are about ready, Ann!
In final prep mode myself.  Am heading out to store today or tomorrow,
am planning on getting a package of hot dogs and buns to share Friday
night, and eggs for Sunday morning - 1 or 2 dozen?
Also, I need to get a bottle of your worcestershire sauce for the BMs
Sunday morning!
I looked at the weather forecast - sunny on Sat and Sun, so I think I'll
leave the canopy here. I should roll in about 3 or so on Friday.
Let me know if I need to bring anything else... starting to get psyched
for the weekend  :party:
Can't wait to see everyone, I hope there's a good turnout.

Sounds like we have some new people joining the party. One more day of sparky work, then into camping mode.

One dozen eggs is fine, PaulG. Others should be bringing for their own also.
Got the Worcestershire on the list.
Wow, weather forecast has changed big time.  
I'll try to fit my canopy in the car...
Hope everybody reads this - please bring little containers or bags if
you have them, for powder samples. I see I am down to just 20 or so
I ordered, but I think it's too late for them to get here by Thursday.
Sorry. Grrrrrr   :doh:   :banghead:
I have a whole bunch of small bags I got from the folks place. Already set aside to bring over.
Just set them in the pile of stuff to load up.
I have been collecting things to bring and found become interesting experiments.
*Coughpowderedhotsaucecough*. :Lol:
Sorry 1F1....:(   I thought I had more Pear-Garlic, you get the last 2 bottles.  We can talk about getting more to you later. 
Chipotle mustard
wasabi mustard
steak/burger sauce
pickled pepper relish
sauerkraut- regular and spicy
some 13mil with mucked-up labels
Mostly packed up; throw the cooler, propane tank, and clothes in in the morning and we are OUTA HERE!!!!  :WOOT:  :DANCE: 
(and the dog...guess we gotta throw him in the RV also....)
See y'all in a couple days. 
Safe Travels!
salsalady said:
I have a whole bunch of small bags I got from the folks place. Already set aside to bring over.
Thanks, Ann!  Much appreciated!
Damp weather on Saturday meant getting out the canopies,
but spirits were high, in spite of the weather. Some pics of
the Saturday pot luck:






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Yes it was tasted. I'm burning data whilevboondocking for another day. Will post soon and I hope others will post in the mean time.