event NW Campout Sept 14-16, 2018

Walchit said:
I see that its still sealed in this pic. Sid any of you Bhutheads try it?

You bet, Andy. A real fireball to me. I liked it enough to
snag the bottle and bring it home to share with my
neighbors! Thanks, buddy!
If people waited for No Rain to do things in the Northwest, nothing would ever get done! 
Yea, it rained most of the weekend.  Tarps and canopies to the rescue! 
It was great to see everyone again.  lots of fun conversations.  Not too many shenanigans because none of the new people showed up.  (woosies~) 
Chili, brats, some African Peanut Chicken soup that was delicious!, spicy cheese ball, pickles, dilly beans, banana pudding dessert, lots of munchies....bloody marys :cheers:, pancakes, eggs, sausage...some unintentionally tingly (fermented OOPS!) blueberry syrup, I know I'm forgetting stuff...
I only took about 4 pictures, not even sure if that's worth posting.  Gotta find the camera first~
Next year we are going back to the first weekend after Labor Day.  We've always had good weather, just might have a burn ban on. but I'd rather deal with that than the rain. 
Start Planning now, folks!n  Reservations open in December.  The yurts were very comfortable.
The Hot Pepper said:
I'm afraid of the rain.
Glad I didn't drive across the country, would have driven right back. :lol:
Seems to me like where you live is getting its fair share.
You are always :welcome:  here in the PNW  :D
:cheers: Cheers, Pookie!