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PaulG 2020

That brown flake is quite hot. Original seeds were some Pepperlover cross. Trent grew them from seeds he got awhile back. I grew 5 plants from seeds he sold last year. No other supers were close to them at all. Fresh the flavor is kinda harsh but dried its much better. They do make a good sauce fresh when mixed with Pickapeppa original.....really good actually.
Before the farm, was the garden. And in the garden, I first grew this variety back in 2012, with seeds obtained from Judy at Pepperlover. This prodigiously-pod-laden plant grows large and bushy, producing 3+", gnarly looking brown pods of pain.
While not consistently brutal (some pods are "only" diabolically ultra-hot), you'll get the occasional plant that just throws the most wickedly hot pods you've ever had the displeasure of consuming. They DRIP with pure capsaicin oil when opened.
Flavor? When you eat these flavor is the very last thing on your mind. I'm sure there is a flavor. Somewhere. But when your mouth immediately goes numb on the first bite you know you are in for a very, very bad ride. Once the initial numbness goes away, sweat begins to pour, vision begins to swim, EVERYTHING burns. Cheeks, gums, tongue, throat, lips. It's intense and DOES NOT let up for a good 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile your esophagus burns, stomach cramps start... you get the picture, things go downhill from there.
These pods are probably best saved for the hottest of hot sauces; diluting them somewhat is the only way to really get the flavor out, due to the mouth numbing properties of full strength mature pods, it is difficult to discern flavor eating them raw.
These are slow germinating (13-19 days on warming mats) and long to maturity (160+ days). Start indoors 14-16 weeks before transplanting after last risk of frost. Plant spacing 2 feet intraplant, 6 feet intra row spacing. Plants get quite bushy and can grow 5+ feet tall. Leave pods on plant after color change to build the most heat. Pods hold on the plant very well without rot.
Cant wait to see what you think. Anything ghost heat+ is hard for me to tell much difference. Im probably only gunna grow 1 next year. possibly 2. I was able to reclaim a large area of the yard at the end of the season after some tree and honeysuckle removal. Already got a large 5x5x4ft tall compost bin filled too. :D If you want large, really freaking hot brownish pods these are just that. They just take forever to ripen in ground. Mine next year will be in a grow bag. I think i got 1 ripe pod by mid/late August. They cranked out ripe pods at the end though.
Here are a few next to a aji panca.

Biggun here


Nice color when dried
Wow, those are monsters! Definitely on the grow list.
They will be in a 3-gallon pot, so pods may not get
that big, but they should be awesome!
mine were over crowded and similar in size. so they might surprise you. they did take forever to produce then they exploded.
In ground mine just kept growing. Didnt even see a flower on them until late July. I think part of the problem was the raised bed soil mix wasnt that great after the previous year. They were very slow in the cool spring/early summer too. Once it got hot they grew and grew but no flowers. When they did bud and pod they went nuts. Damn hornworms found them then. I was amazed at the amount of pods. Not as good as JPGS but really nice amount. I lost tons of pods to hormworm damage.
So i think a good grow bag even a small one will speed things up a little. Once roots start to air prune the plant goes into full scale production mode.
Next year im devoting little more space to red CARDI Scorpions. Mine could have crossed so im on the lookout for isolated or seeds right out of the CARDI pack. Also want to try 7 Pot Primo (red). I had a trade going with Bhuter but not sure what has happened to him. He had/has some Primo seeds for me. :( The CARDIs i grew this year were screaming hot. I would swear they were as hot as my CCN Reapers and CCN Dragons Breath but the flavor was better.
On a side note...still no Antep seeds from Fords or a email saying they shipped....calling him now.


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Where I am at so far, as far as seed choices for
next season. Subject to change, of course. Still
lots of wiggle room, even if everything germinates.
I welcome any input regarding substitutions,
eliminating very similar peppers, etc.
Sure wish I could edit my original list, I used to
like that feature a lot- then you could just put a
link to it in a post. I would think it would use less
bandwidth thanrepeating a big list several times.
:mad:  Of course I just fat-fingered the keyboard and lost
     the whole Gosh Darned thing   :mad:    
Seed Choices 2020 -
   Still room for several pubescens
   and 4-6 others.
*  3-gallon grow
** 10 gallon pots
*** 15 gal. pots
***T 15 gal. tall pots
               c. chinense:
***7 Pot Pecan F3- orig. 7 Pot Burgundy from Windchicken
*Trippaul Threat F8 yellow
*Trippaul Threat F8 white - Devv
*Fatali - bpiela, seed from Hillbilly Jeff pods
*Yellow 7 Pot - bpiela
***Beth Boyd Scotch Bonnet F2- orig. from Trident Chilis
Scotch Bonnet MoA F3 -  orig. from Trident Chilis
*Scotch Bonnet Capucino - bpiela
*TFM Scotch Bonnet - bpiela, mr. joe, smds
*Orange BJ Chocolate F4 - orig. seed from Georgia Growhead
*KS Lemon Starburst - catchthebear
Urfa Biber x Peruvian White Bullet - bpiela
Yellow 7 Pot Primo - mr. joe
Moruga UV Chocolate - mr. joe
*Papa Dreadie - Devv, spurious cross
White Bhut Jolokia - Devv
***JA Red Habanero F6 - orig. from Devv, Walkgood
***Yellow Scorpion F8 - orig. plant from SpankyColts
***T Purple Thunder F3 - BJ red x Trippaul Threat F1 or F2
***T Bonda Mahala - Yellow 7 x BMJ, Windchicken
***T Yellow Nagabrain - Windchicken
***T Yellow BrainStrain F2- orig. seed from Pepper Guru pod
Johah’s Yellow - bpiela
*Yellow Fever - mr. joe, variant of King Naga
Nagabon - mr. joe
*Sugar Rush Cream - Devv
Aji Arnaucho - Devv
MA Wartyx - Ref. Fire /mr.joe unk. cross
*Brown Moruga Scorpion - Ref. Fire/Mr. Joe
BBG7  x SRTSL - Ref. Fire
Bhutlah BBG Red - Ref. Fire (BJ x 7 Pot Douglah) x (Yellow 7  x Moruga Scorpion)
               c. annuum:
*Goat’s Weed F4 - orig. from stc3248 2012
*c. chacoense F3 - orig. from stc3248 2012
*Chiltepin F2 - orig. from NMSU
*Costeño Amarillo F4 - orig. from SoCalChilihead 2012
**Black Pearl - THSC
**Black Prince - THSC
**Chili Costa Rica - THSC
**Zapotec Jalapeño - Devv
**Variegated Jalapeño - catchthebear
Antep Aci Dolma  - stettoman
**Large Orange Thai - Devv
***JA Mushroom F4 - orig. from ?
**Guindilla F2 -orig. seed from Spain
**Pimenta de Piquillo - Spain 2018
***Padron F2 - 2019  Spain, smaller pods
***Padron F2 - 2017  Spain, large, hot bell type when red
***Ajicito Red - Glen
***T Marconi Rosso F2 - Hume seeds
***T Golden Marconi F2 - orig. 2017 seed
Jimmy Nardello - Devv
Big Jim F2 - Iwasaki Nursery
               c. pubescens:
**FY Red Rocoto F4 - descended from Peruvian seed
Mini Brown Rocoto - stettoman, CD
Costa Rica Red - stettoman
Arequipa Giant - stettoman, CD
Giant Yellow - stettoman, CD
Big Apple  - isolated, stettoman, CD
De Seda Yellow - stettoman
Turbo Pube - isolated, stettoman
**FY Ecuador Red - stettoman
Aji Largo Rojo - stettoman
               c. baccatum:
*Aji Amarillo F7 - descended from Peruvian seed
That is quite the list. You're going to have to do some serious organizing of your seed trays. 
I was surprised how late your JA mushrooms were in the season. I had never seen a red variety until you posted and wondered if the lateness was because they pack more heat? I had the yellow ones and did a test both in a pot and in the ground. The pot ripened up about 5 days sooner which in my short season is important. The ground grew a larger plant, heavier bearing and with larger pods. Their size was impressive, they came out a little larger than golf balls. They were hot enough for me.
I finally found a chinese variety that worked with my season. I am not sure if it was the peculiar weather or my lack of care but I was able to fully ripen the red paper lanterns. They were completely tasteless except for the heat. The sugar rush peach were in the much the same category. We had very little heat from early August onward. 
Do you give second attempts for some of your peppers Paul? 


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internationalfish said:
That's a lot of freaking plants, man. :D
Not planning to grow the antep aci dolma this time?
It may still get added to the list. I have room for 4-6
more plants in the 10-gallon and up containers, and
a couple of more 3-gallon grow pots. Will have around
40-45 plants, about normal for my grow.