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Pepper People are the Best

Arrived home to a pleasant surprise . . . a great package from HopsNBarley.  Dove right into the red sauce - great flavor and nice heat!  Many thanks.  Pepper People are the Best!


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AAAAh rats my Cam is out so no pics I just waten to say how nice it is when some one really goes that extra mile even when they don't have too.
We all know Peri Peri ( Lourens ) well he sent some seeds to me only they got lost in his or mine postal system, so he dicided again this time he sent me some packages of Tea wich I got yeaterday and today I got the seeds that he sent after the Tea had sent me, he could have just gave up or just go ahead and send the seeds, but to send not only the seeds, but send another package with some  pricy herbal Tea. I call that going the extra mile to help out someone he hardly knows. Thank You Peri Peri for that extra mile, Pepper friends are the best.
 Pepper people . Nobody beats them . 
Got two more kick ass packages today. 
First Ryan ( HopsNBarley) sent me a sweet box of tasty powders and sauces

And Dave ( gnslngr) sent me a package that wasa equally as awesome . You guys rock!!!
A big Thank you to windchicken (Gary) who went me some peppers.......they were mailed off on Nov 25th and I was getting a little worried that some Border agent took a shine to them ;), but they arrived safe and sound today, and in good shape. :party:
I took a pic but I cant upload it on here...otherwise I'd show off what he sent.
Thanks again... :dance: :dance:
Yet....another reason pepper people rock!

I brought the mail in today, typical........seed catalog, bill, more seed catalogs, more bills............and, a nice surprise package  from Jeff..(Bodeen)
Great score to come home to...........and I knew which variety   to try first...

I just happened to be making some Conch Chowder for dinner tonight and the smoked powder came in very handy......thanks neighbor !
It tasted Great !
The smoked is actually the blend and the blend is the smoked.  Both are the same smoked peppers, but what I have labeled as blend is pure smoked peppers.
HBJ is HillBilly Jeff's own pepper ;)

Let me know what you think of the heat level of the pure smoked peppers....it is a mix of different peppers and I think it is hotter than I would think it should be with the lesser heat peppers I had in it.
:woohoo: Another big shout out to Rick..stickman....your seeds arrived today, as well as the powder!!! Thank you so so much....this is going to be an awesome growing year. :dance:
Again, I took a pic and I cant post it on here :rolleyes:, and yet I've posted pics in my Glog ;)....hmmmmm, gonna have to look at my settings, and I know the problem is here because on another site I belong to, I uploaded pics of my grandson :dance:...damn computers!!
Again....a huge thank you Rick :onfire: