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Pepper People are the Best

Buddy is the man!!!


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I do have to agree that Santa is a Chilehead, got home tonight from work and to my surprise sitting on the kitchen table was a box filled with goods... Thanks Greg your the man!! After seeing the pics of your scotch bonnet sauce on here, I had to open it up and give it a try... Sweet and tasty with a very nice blend of heat... Merry Christmas everyone and be safe out there...
Got in late last night to a wonderful gift!! 
I had Fajitas from my favorite spot in hand,,so the timing was perfect! :dance:
Annie you are such a sweetheart!  ;)

The Scotch Bonnet sauce is amazing,,with a hint of allspice and a few other things,,Has a perfect Jerk flavor!
The Orange Thai blend is out of this world good! I may have to hit you up for that recipe,,I cant stop tasting it  :P
Thank you sweetie, you rock!
romy6 said:
Just received the most amazing Christmas package a chili-head good ask for. Buddy is out of this world with his generosity. He will humble a fella real fast. Thank you Terry.  :fireball:  :fireball:  :fireball:

I told you once T I will tell you again. I AM NOT WORTHY  :dance:
That is so beautiful to look at it would be a shame to eat it - almost!
Stella makes hard cider? What the what? 
Darthpepper said:
Thanks to Scott from Lucky Dod Hot Sauce. This was from the Halloween Haiku contest. Great guy and great sauce!


Pepper people really are the best!
Nice! looks like one of the Black Label bottles leaked a little? lol 
I just wish my labels were more photogenic - without the right lighting the reflective label makes the flat parts look weird.