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pimp my cheap a$$ pizza

this thread is all about taking that cheap frozen pizza and making it into a master piece.

so ill break the cherry. wal-mart pizza,tomato,extra sharp cheeze,4 jalos,1 ghost,parm in a can,spinach,and homemade chili that has fresh scorps ,habs,jalos,ghost,and cayenne in it.

The Hot Pepper said:
Sounds funny to some people till you think of al pastor tacos, sweet and sour Asian dishes, and even a regular burger in Australian has pineapple lol.
Wait... what!?!.... You take that back!!.... How dare you slander a whole nation with that derogatory slur!  :evil:  :rofl:  :rofl:
I believe you may have confused pineapple with beetroot, which is a staple with most tuckshop burgers over here.... and now i think about, it probably serves a similar purpose to the pickle found in other burgers...

The Hot Pepper

There is certainly a place for it..... but you'd have to order specifically if you wanted pineapple.... if some one were selling an "Aussie" burger abroad, i could certainly see it being a selling point to stand out....
Its all good.... not my thing though.... 
On a similar note... many places here specialise in Portuguese Burgers, which i believe are an Australian innovation.... the Portuguese are pretty quick to distance themselves from it saying its not their food lol.....