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pimp my cheap a$$ pizza

this thread is all about taking that cheap frozen pizza and making it into a master piece.

so ill break the cherry. wal-mart pizza,tomato,extra sharp cheeze,4 jalos,1 ghost,parm in a can,spinach,and homemade chili that has fresh scorps ,habs,jalos,ghost,and cayenne in it.

I have to admit it Sic.

A cheapass pizza thread is very apropos.


I like to be liking to see everyone posting their Tombstone, Domino's, cardboard pizza's all jacked up.

If I had to make this RIGHT NOW with what's in the fridge and pantry and assuming I have the base then:


Sauce: Paul Newmans Southwest Ranch

Toppings: Bacon, bacon, cheese and bacon. Oohhh, and some more bacon.

Finish with some smoked birds eye and sprinkle some finely crushed crispy bacon on top.


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Sweet idea for a thread, sicman! I have been known to partake of the cheap frozen pizza now and then (current favorite is CPK), but my freezers are too crammed full of chiles to get anything else in there!
cheap pizza ive gotta have thin crusts. and infact i cant stand the medium dollar pizza,digornios and those kinda pies. i think they taste like crap i would rather have a totinos.its either one -3 dollar pizza or homemade everything else sucks.