pimp my cheap a$$ pizza

this thread is all about taking that cheap frozen pizza and making it into a master piece.

so ill break the cherry. wal-mart pizza,tomato,extra sharp cheeze,4 jalos,1 ghost,parm in a can,spinach,and homemade chili that has fresh scorps ,habs,jalos,ghost,and cayenne in it.


The Hot Pepper

Because pimps don't break the law.
Today was to cold and rainy so I was to lazy to fire up the pit, kamado or the brick pizza oven so I used my pizza stones on 2 shelves in my oven and put a CI pizza pan on each of them for a 1/2 hour and cranked the oven on convection to 550*. These pizzas only took between 7-8 minutes each to cook and I was pleased with the results and on top of that my kitchen was warm :)
There was another pizza I made but we ate it to fast and didn't get a pic :)
And these qualify as pimped pizza because they were in my oven in the kitchen, the dough and sauce came from Trader Joes, the olives, cheese and meat from Costco and the Rocotto Peppers from my garden :)


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I dont have any atm but my favorite frozen pizza to "pimp" is the Bellatoria ultra thin crust Italian sausage pizza. Not the cheapest around but Costco sells them for around 3/$12. Really nice crust if cooked on a stone and they have a lot of bite from the spices.
I just add a little more cheese, a little pepperoni and very thin cut red onions.
On a side note, McCormicks quit selling one of my favorites. The "Pizza Grinder" they used to sell was awesome. :(
grantmichaels said:
I get a white pie like that, with teriyaki chicken, hoisin sauce, garlic, broccoli, and sesame seeds ...
Guatemalan Insanity Pepper said:
:lol:  actually i just want to see this pie you describe because, ooh it sounds goood
Off to the Scoogling i go, looking for said Pie 
closest i could find to your description on the ol google machine was this:

Just needs *pineapple and*   :hotsauce:    :)
yes i know i quoted myself  :rofl: